Salma Hayek Develops WICKED Miniseries For ABC


While we’re all familiar with Dorothy’s trip over the rainbow, a lot more happened before Dorothy stepped foot in Oz. WICKED, is the story of the witches of Oz and Salma Hayek is planning on bringing a Wicked miniseries to ABC.

Wicked started as a novel by Gregory Maguire, and was soon turned into a Broadway musical that became a massive success. Companies are still touring, and the novel spawned two additional novels for Maguire – Son of a Witch, and A Lion Among Men.

Sources state that Hayek is developing the series using the book and not the musical. Maguire’s work is a darker look at Oz, and runs almost parallel to the Oz story that we all know and love. For fans of the musical – don’t fret – Universal is developing a Wicked film that will be based on the musical.

The Wicked mini series will be produced by ABC Studios along with Hayek and Jose Tamex through Ventanarose Productions. Hayek may also pick up a supporting role (Madame Morrible, anyone?) in the series which is being written by Erik Jendresen.

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