NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Brother” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Brother

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Brother” Season 1 Episode 12 – I do believe that NO ORDINARY FAMILY has reached its stride, finding a good combination of drama, family, and action/powers. In tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Brother”, the proverbial prodigal son returns. Jim’s brother Mike (Jason Wiles) makes an unexpected visit to the Powells, bringing with him a repurposed shoe business, a gambling debt and a murderous loan shark. Katie is offered a promotion in Miami. Daphne wrongly hands down a guilty verdict while on the peer disciplinary group.

No matter what you may think of No Ordinary Family, there has been quite an impressive list of guest stars (except for Jackson Rathbone whom I found rather uncomfortable to watch); and tonight’s guest star Jason Wiles is no exception. What great scenes between Wiles and Michael Chiklis, specifically the two scenes discussing where Mike was when their father was in the hospital. Both are able to convey so much feeling in what are two very short scenes. However, I still can’t understand why Jim doesn’t have the strength to stop a moving vehicle (Edward and the bus – Twilight style), but he can fall miles with a kerplunk and not be hurt.

Again, that was too easy! Trusting Katie is once more fooled by Joshua. Of course, she read all those words incorrectly in the diary. Huh? Did he fully use his mind-bending power on her – cheater!? And only Katie would turn down a job promotion in consideration of her belief in fate and superheroes. I’m sure Stephanie is giving a huge sigh of relief.

Shouldn’t Mr. Litchfield have a more sunny disposition after his near death accident, or at least a less creepy-eyed approach to his “dewy-eyed delinquent” students?

Do you think JJ’s personality is affected by his super-analytical and rationalizing powers?

I spy a cute boy in Daphne’s future after her meddling to correct the unfair punishment handed to the wrong student. Does the person have to be thinking about something for Daphne’s touch-and-see power to work? If they’re not specifically thinking about something, does she see anything when she touches them?

Can’t wait for the conflict brewing between Joshua and Dr. King.

Finally in regards to Joshua, I have to confess that I wish he were still using the name Will. Every time I hear Joshua, I always think of the human-canine character from Dark Angel. I know, that was a decade ago; and there is absolutely no connection whatsoever. Just the name!

Do you think No Ordinary Family is getting better? What are your opinions on episode 12 “No Ordinary Brother” of No Ordinary Family?