NCIS “Ships in the Night” Review

NCIS (CBS) Ships in the Night

NCIS “Ships in the Night” Season 8 Episode 11 – Gibbs’ female doppelganger (aka Agent Abigail “Abby” Borin) is back and I think she and Gibbs make a great pair. Not necessarily a romantic pair, but a working pair. She comes off as very genuine and unlike Miss Hart from last year, she doesn’t annoy the crap out of me by calling Gibbs “Mr. Gibbs” instead of “Agent Gibbs.” Don’t ask me why that drove me up the wall, but it really did.

I also like that, so far, they haven’t made any moves towards making this a romantic relationship and at this point, I kind of doubt that they will. Just the mere fact that her name is Abby probably precludes that. The other Abby is like a daughter to Gibbs, I can’t imagine he’d want to get romantically involved with another one. That sounds way too weird to me, but then again maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Okay, before we get into my favorite bits I just wanted to say that, in the interest of my sanity, I have chosen to call Agent Borin “Abigail” and not “Abby”. As adorable as it to have two Abby’s on the show, I had to find a way to keep them separated in my head.

My favorite bits..

Thinking how horrible it really would be to have a blind date that was going badly on a boat.

Gibbs calling Tony “Skippy”. LOL! There’s a nickname I’ve never heard before.

Tony managing to get a “Clue” reference and a “Murder on the Orient Express” reference in one sentence.

Gibbs catching McGee sleeping. Now if that had been Tony, something tells me he would have given him a headsmack as a wake up call instead of just calling his name.

Agreeing with McGee, black coffee makes me gag too. Blech.

Totally busting up when Gibbs asked what the sister had when Abigail talked about her going “viral”. LOL!!

Ducky talking about going from Socrates to Snookie. Sad, but true and leave it to Ducky to put it that way.

After Ducky talked about duck calling, Gibbs saying “If you get anything else, Duck. call.” – Oh Gibbs, you slay me!

Loving Tony’s delivery in this bit.
Doug: “Stop talking to me like that.”
Tony: “Stop lying to me like that.”

Abby giving Abigail a sympathy card for the loss of the Coast Guard mascot. Aw, so sweet.

Knowing as soon as Abby asked who the NCIS mascot was, that Gibbs would say it was her. He’s so predictable and I love him for it.

McGee offering Abigail a Nutter Butter. LOL.

McGee telling Abigail that he couldn’t write down her rule number 1 because it had already been taken twice (the first by Gibbs of course and I’m pretty sure the second one is Tony’s).

Cracking up at this line from Gibbs: “Butt out McGee… butt off my desk, Borin.”

Ziva asking Tony if they could discuss his package another time. LOL.

Laughing when Abby remarked that a lot of people take pictures of their food, because I know people who do exactly that.

Gibbs calling Abby and Abigail “Abbses” when he gave them their treats (Caff-Pow! and coffee respectively) for doing a good job.

Abigail comparing paparazzi to termites and roaches. LOL.

Really digging Abby’s tablet. Man, I want one of those so bad and I love that it’s red. Now I want a red one, dangit.

Tony asking Ziva if she used sonar to catch the pen.

Ziva calling a catnap a “batnap” again. Wow, it’s been a few years, you’d think someone would have corrected her by now. LOL.

McGee using Twitter to get the latest update on where their suspect was. My, how things have changed since season one.

Tony calling Devon “Gossip Guy.”

Tony asking Ziva how he looked and giving his best “blue steel” before they went out in front of the paparazzi.

McGee thanking Tony for waking him up by slamming his desk drawer. I have a feeling all of them have done that for each other at one time or another.

Abby telling Abigail that they don’t talk about her Caff-Pow! record because “it got ugly”. Oh dear, I can imagine.

Whoa! Three killers instead of one, that was awesome!

Double Whoa! Gibbs actually thanking someone? Yet something else I haven’t seen in a while.

Gibbs putting the picture on his wall and realizing what the other pictures mean now. Awesome.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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