Johnny Galecki Cast in ENTOURAGE

Johnny Galecki

Looks like Leonard has found a new bunch of friends to hang with. According to, Johnny Galecki will be joining the cast of ENTOURAGE for its upcoming season.

The Big Bang Theory star has a great role, too. Turns out he’ll be playing none other than… himself. Well except that it’s supposed to be a tougher version of himself. I’m really hoping that means he’ll be able to throw some mega star-like hissy fits and tantrums, complete with brawls and throwing cell phones at people.

In the episode, Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Hawaii Five-O’s Scott Caan) reportedly take on Johnny as a client and word is that he, like all bad boys do, might just be trying to make some moves on other guy’s chicks. Looks like he’s going to be trying some moves on Eric’s lady, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) which I’m sure will not go over well with our favorite little Irishman. I think Johnny better watch out, Eric may be little but he’s no wimp.

This last season (the show’s eighth) has been confirmed as the last and it looks like they’re not pulling out any stops when it comes to lining up some great guest stars. I can’t wait to see who they announce next.