GREEK Chapter 5 The Complete Third Season DVD Review

Greek Chapter 5 DVD

Now that GREEK has begun its fourth and final season, it’s a perfect time to dig into Shout Factory’s newly released Greek Chapter Five: The Complete Third Season. While previous Greek DVD sets consisted of ten episode half-seasons, this one has all twenty episodes of the third season on six discs, and I was lucky enough to see it in advance.

Fans of Greek know just how much happened in the third season. The aftermath of the End of the World Party where Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) rejected Casey
(Spencer Grammer), Casey broke up with Max, and Ashleigh’s (Amber Stevens) boyfriend Fischer kissed Rebecca (Dilshad Vasaria) sets us up for a roller coaster of break-ups and make-ups (both romantic and platonic), burning secrets, and future planning for graduating seniors Casey, Evan, and Ashleigh, with plenty of sorority politics and fraternity pranks thrown in before the season ends during Spring Break in Myrtle Beach.

Greek has been my favorite guilty TV pleasure since it started, and while I occasionally found season three frustrating when watching it as it aired on ABC Family with the meandering ZBZ-Gamma Psi rivalry, Calvin’s (Paul James) increasingly irritating boyfriend Grant (I still missed Calvin with Heath, so yay season 4), and the (thankfully short-lived) existence of Jordan (Johanna Braddy), I think it works much better watching straight through on DVD. It’s more uneven than past seasons, but it’s still plenty of fun, and if you’re a Casey-Cappie or Rebecca-Evan shipper like I am, it’s not to be missed. Highlights outside the romantic entanglements include the rivalry between Rusty (Jacob Zachar) and Dale (Clark Duke) and the ever more complicated relationship between Cappie and Evan (Jake McDorman), not to mention any scene involving Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick).

As always, Greek offers some fun special features in the set:

Gag reels: There are two blooper reels. The one on disc three runs seventeen minutes and encompasses the first ten episodes. The second one runs 18 minutes, covers episodes 11-20, and is on disc six. Both are loaded.

Gotcha! Featurette Found on disc three, this has cast members running around the set with Nerf Guns and video cameras. Round one is a free-for-all with Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster, Jacob Zachar, Amber Stevens, and Clark Duke trying to be the last one standing. Jake McDorman joins in for Round 2, which is structured like the CRU Gotcha! game from “Our Fathers” and “The Half-Naked Gun” with each player assigned a target. When an assassin “kills” a target, he or she inherits the target’s target, and so on until only one assassin remains. You don’t learn anything about the show, but it’s great to watch the cast being silly and having fun.

A Conversation with Nora Kirkpatrick: Found on disc six, this is exactly what it sounds like. Nora talks about playing Katherine, who became a fan favorite as the season progressed. While there are some interesting tidbits, this mostly feels like filler.

Hip-Hop Video: Also on disc six, this is so bad it’s kind of hilarious, and the cast looks mortified to be involved, which is kind of fun.

Audio Commentary: Executive producers Lloyd Segan and Shawn Pillar handle the season premiere, “The Day After,” doling out plenty of technical tidbits. Creator Patrick Sean Smith, Scott Michael Foster, Dilshad Vadsaria, and Johanna Braddy do the honors on “The Half-Naked Gun,” making it much more conversational and giggly. Both of those are on disc one. For the season finale, “All Children…Grow Up,” on disc six, we have Patrick Sean Smith and Scott Michael Foster again, joined this time by Amber Stevens and Aynsley Bubbico (Laura). There is some fun stuff here, but it’s bizarre to not have Spencer Grammer chiming in given how important a Casey and Casey/Cappie episode this was. While watching the episodes with commentary, be sure to look out for the nerf dart icon that occasionally pops up on screen. Push your remote’s select/OK button to see behind the scenes footage.

Not to be too nitpicky, but I don’t like the main menu. At first glance, it’s cute with its Gotcha! theme, but the options are in a much too small font. The special features menu is much better with its chalkboard theme and easier to click options.

Overall, this is a great set for Greek fans to own, especially since it’s currently selling for only $30 at Amazon. If you’re new to the show, I would, of course, suggest starting with Chapter 1, but this would still make a fun rental and you’ll find yourself quickly charmed by the quirky dramedy.

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