WHITE COLLAR’S Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Talk Season 2

White Collar

USA’s WHITE COLLAR will return for the rest of Season 2 starting on Tuesday, January 18 on USA. The season premiere is guaranteed to blow the socks off any fan and Daemon’s TV was there when series stars Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer talked about where the rest of this season is heading, the chemistry between Peter and Neal, Matt’s singing debut and more.

On who will be guest starring this season.

Matt said that Andrew McCarthy will be coming to the show as Neal’s mentor from the past. He also mentioned that Billy Dee Williams will be in an episode and he “plays somebody from June’s past who comes back and is sort of a glimpse into the world Neal would have if he continued on a more crooked path”. Also making guest appearances will be Adam Goldberg, Richard Schiff and Ross McCall.

On how they maintain their chemistry on screen.

Tim joked that they go to therapy once a week, Matt chiming in that it was “couples therapy”. After that Matt got a little more serious. “I think Tim is inherently a generous person and very generous of spirit and he brings a real sense of play to the work. I try to do the same. I know he lifts me up on my bad days”. Tim then replied that Matt lifts him up on his bad days, too and that they have fun together but in the end they respect each other too..

On whether Matt will be singing in an episode this season.

Yes! You heard it here folks, that was a definite yes. In fact it will be in the episode with Billy Dee Williams. Matt will be singing with both Billy Dee and Diane Carroll in what he called an “incredibly surreal moment”. Tim agreed, reporting that when they had finished the song, the whole crew broke into spontaneous applause. Matt said that the song they would be singing is ‘One For My Baby and One More For the Road.’

On how they got their roles on White Collar.

Tim said that Mattie got his part first (I just loved that Tim calls Matt, “Mattie”), then Matt told how he had to audition for Eastin and tested twice for the role. Tim then said that he was on New Adventures of Old Christine when he got a call for a “chemistry read” and took that as a good sign as it appeared he had skipped a step in the hiring process. They met in the director’s office and after reading once with Matt, said to himself “Holy bleep, don’t screw this up, Tim, because this could be something really special.” On his end Matt said “I knew from the second we did the scene that he was going to be the guy.”

On what they would like to see for their characters in the future.

Matt said he would “love to dip into Neal’s past a little bit more and maybe see some of his family members come into play and see what kind of conflicts that brings up between he and Peter,” and “I wouldn’t mind seeing him be a little bit of a man-whore, to use a little bit of the James Bond tactics to maybe do whatever it takes to solve the case.”

Tim: “I think Jeff and the writers have met everything that I had hoped for.” Also saying “I too, would like to delve into some more of Peter’s background,” and “what it comes down to is I think the more Peter and Neal know about each other actually it strengthens and lengthens the relationship.”

On which other USA shows they would like to cross over with White Collar.

Tim said he’d like to do Royal Pains, because it would be nice to visit the Hamptons, but that it would be nice to go down to Miami and do Burn Notice too. Matt also said that Burn Notice “would be a really natural fit just because of the worlds that our characters live in and inhabit.” He also said that he loves all of the other shows on USA and it would be an honor to cross over on any of them. The two went on to joke that it would be fun to cross over with WWE wresting as well.

On how the premiere and the second episode open the door to Neal’s past.

Matt: “I think for me it was so interesting and amazing that Jeff was able to squeeze so much into one hour of TV. I think he was smart in that it’s a lot of really nice little glimpses into the past or enough snippets to sort of piece together where he came from and why he is who he is. The nice thing about it is it also leaves the door open for a lot more flashbacks to fill in a lot of holes.

Tim: “Yes, there was something Jeff said. I don’t know if I can make a direct quote, but he said, yes there are some big answers that were given in this flashback and just also tastes of the past, as Matt said, that allow us to do more flashbacks. I think that’s Jeff’s intention”

On what secrets they could reveal about the upcoming season.

Matt: “I think I can safely say that a lot of really big storylines that we’ve been exploring over the past couple of seasons really get brought to a head and closure on a lot of things. We get a glimpse into a lot the characters’ pasts and see why they are who they are and how they got that way. We get to see, as usual, sort of a liquid trust dynamic between Peter and Neal. Then obviously also we get some resolution to Mozzie’s incident relatively quickly. ”

On Neal and Sara’s relationship and what Matt thinks of working with Hilarie Burton.

Matt said “I think it’s fantastic. She brings so much to the role,” and “she has brought this amazingly intelligent, challenging, super Type-A character to life that Neal finds really intriguing and ultimately on some level I think wants to tame, ” also saying “a really fun dynamic to get to play with her and she’s such a great actress. It’s really kind of moment to moment with her, which is always fun and keeps me on my toes. ”

Tim on his character (a question asked of him by Matt)

“My favorite thing about Peter Burke is that he has to nearly contain his giddiness when he’s on a case that takes a lot of synapses moving. He just loves it. That keeps him going. I’ve said it before, there is almost a little disappointment when the case is solved,” and “he just loves the chase. He loves it, loves it and loves it with Neal because there is a part of him that would love to go to that side, but knows he can’t. So it’s okay with him just to watch it and every once in a while somewhat dip his foot in that pool.”

On Tim’s horsemanship in the season premiere and whether he had ridden before.

Tim said that he had ridden before, starting from about the age of 8 until the time he went to college, but he hadn’t been on a horse in 20 years. The producers were nice enough to send him out to a ranch to get some practice, causing his legs to be really sore the day of shooting. This prompted him to take something for the pain, and having a cold that day he also took something for his stuffy nose. The results were nearly disastrous as he thought for a moment he was going to pass out and fall off his horse.

On the guys understanding each other a bit better, Peter appreciating the con and Neal seeing the wisdom of doing things legally.

Tim remarked that he really liked the question and that it was the crux of the show, the balance between the two characters and each understanding and dipping their toes into the other’s world. Matt said that he feels like “between Neal and Peter the line always has to be taut. It can never be somebody comfortable, inherently trustful dynamic between them. There is always that tension of the poker game.” Tim agreed.

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