THE SIMPSONS “Moms I’d Like To Forget” Review


THE SIMPSONS “Moms I’d Like To Forget” Season 22 Episode 10- Bart reconnects with his friends from his day care days who are now fifth graders. Marge meanwhile heads out with her old ‘cool moms’ group and finds her repressed rage deflated in favour of a social life, which is soon shot down by denial about her family.

Treated to a brilliant opening sequence with the couch going to work, the episode started high and never dipped.

Marge’s brain map, comprising of the Supermarket Aisle Map, Car Maintenance Timetable, Kids’ Schedule and Repressed Rage was a witty aside. In fact most of the asides were worked very well in this episode: Bart’s daydream of winning the dodgeball league in spectacular fashion worked so well because it’s exactly how a kid would think.

This was a fantastic episode of The Simpsons, my favourite in ages. From the teachers’ lounge rumble to the comic book guy’s origin story which was, like “the day of Tom Cruise’s last good movie” born on the fourth of July. It was back when “Twilight meant the end of the day, and not the most barftastic horror franchise of all time.”

There were plenty of observational one liners which have become the norm on Family Guy, but have dried up on The Simpsons. Luckily they came back with aplomb in this episode.

Bart: “Ew, your sitting on the toilet!”
Marge: “When its closed its a chair.”

Marge: “We called ourselves the cool moms.”
Bart: “There’s nothing cooler than calling yourselves cool.”

Lisa (in the comic book store): “Could we hurry this up? I am really uncomfortable being a girl in this store!” (cut to a statue of a busty bikini clad woman chained to a boulder).

When it comes down to it, this laugh out loud episode brought something which has not been seen in 22 seasons of The Simpsons, something which I was unaware I ever wanted: nothing quite compares to Martin ripping off his shirt and ready to rumble.

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