Steve Harris and Camryn Manheim to Guest Star on HARRY’S LAW

Harry's Law (NBC)

Good news today for fans of all of David E. Kelley’s legal dramedies. According to, not one, but two stars of The Practice are set to make appearances on his new series, HARRY’S LAW.

Starring Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law is about a disenfranchised patent lawyer who, after getting fired by her previous firm, decides to set up a practice in a pretty rough neighborhood. Nate Corddry (The United States Of Tara) and Brittany Snow (American Dreams) work alongside Bates in her storefront law firm-slash-shoe store (no, I’m not kidding about that last bit).

First up of The Practice former stars making an appearance on the show will be Steve Harris, showing up in an episode airing January 31 – after that will be Camryn Manheim, though her appearance has yet to be scheduled.

Neither actor will be reprising either of their roles from The Practice though. Instead, Kelly says: “They’re playing completely different characters”. Harris will be playing a convict up for parole, while Manheim will take on the role of a DA.

The truth is that Harry’s Law might not ever be visited by characters from other David E. Kelley shows. Kelly is apparently in no rush to go the crossover route and by having Harris and Manheim on as other people; that pretty much ends any prospect of having any other Practice characters from entering this new universe.

Kelly explains:

“And by eliminating The Practice [from consideration], that eliminates Ally McBeal, since we crossed over those worlds. And we also crossed The Practice and Boston Public, so I guess that one’s out the window too.”

Also, because Boston Legal was directly born of The Practice, its characters too are also out. Either way Harry’s Law promises to be full of David E. Kelley’s typical quirkiness, even without the help of characters from his previous shows.

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