PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Salt Meet Wound” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Salt Meets Wound” Season 1 Episode 12 – “A” certainly has taken things to another level in this episode of Pretty Little Liars. Rather than just blasting messages containing secrets, A has decided to blackmail Hanna. What does A want and why does A seem to be targeting Hanna?

Hanna is out of the hospital which prompts Mona to throw a surprise party at her house. Who doesn’t want a bunch of high schoolers rummaging through their house when they can barely get around? Unfortunately, the party gave A the opportunity to steal Hanna’s mother’s stolen money. I am sure there is irony in there somewhere. Melissa and Ian are on their honeymoon and sending photos to their family. Toby is out of jail and we find out that it was Jenna that called the cops on him. Emily and Maya finally have a dinner with Emily parents and an awkward one at that. “A” tries to ruin Spencer’s relationship with Alex by applying to a tennis camp in Sweden for him to which he doesn’t want to go. Naturally, he thinks the super competitive Alex did it.

Who is “A”?

Noel – Noel was just a bit player until recently when he found Aria and Ezra making out at Mona’s birthday camp. Now he is suspect number 1, but I do not find him crafty or smart enough to pull it off. I actually do not even believe that he is blackmailing Ezra. I believe he is just trying to make Ezra look bad in Aria’s eyes. Something a typcial teenage boy with a crush would do.

Ian/Melissa – I group these two together because they are acting so weird. They get married quickly and then run off for a honeymoon somewhere that Spencer says looks like an office building. Their whirlwhind reconnection arises suspicion in my book. Then we have the fact that Ian and Allison were at Hilton Head at the same time, further indicating that they had a bigger relationship than originally believed. Also, Ian was one of the last people to have seen Allison alive. Is it possible that Melissa killed Allison out of jealousy? Or Ian killed Allison and now they have teamed up to be A?

Lucas – At first Lucas came across as the lovable geek with a sweet crush on Hanna. Now, however, he has turned bitter and picking fights. He also spilled that Allison treated him really badly in junior high and that he was the one that destroyed her memorial. I am wondering about the stuffed animals he keeps giving Hanna. First, a teddy bear in the hospital room, then a panda bear at home. Is it a way to monitor the girls and what they are saying?

Maya – Other than her sometimes talked about relationship with Emily, she is very rarely seen. She is also never with everyone else, but off and alone. Is she spying on the girls who apparently do not give her much thought?

Toby – Toby is one of the obvious choices given his history and the now confirmed Allison blood on his sweater. However, I think he is still just a scapegoat. How creepy is it that Jenna wanted to trap him at home to renew their relationship?

Jenna – I remember originally considering Jenna as being A and I think I am back to that guess. I also wonder if she is really blind. Some of her expressions are spot on like when she interrupted Ezra and Aria in the classroom. Sure she could have heard Aria before she came in, but she looked right at her. Similar to how she looked in the reflective elevator doors when she was putting on her lipstick. She does have an awful lot for which to blame the girls.

What are your thoughts about the identify of A? It sounds as if the Pretty Little Liars‘ writers are getting closer to a reveal. Now is the time to let us know who you think it is and why. Let’s see who is right once all is revealed. Tell us your choice for A and what you thought of tonight’s episode in the comment section below.

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