Microsoft Unveils Windows TV Set-Top Box

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Microsoft will be unveiling new software to run on set-top boxes, offering an enhanced, connected TV experience, according to

The boxes will run on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded platform and use the Windows Media Center interface and, set at around the $200 price range, could very well give similar products from Apple, Google and Boxee and run for their money.

Microsoft showcased some of this functionality in April and November so this isn’t the first time that the company has shown off Windows TV boxes. Some have wished that Microsoft would embrace the power already in Windows Media Center, extending it out through stand-alone or set-top boxes. But aside from the Xbox 360, they have yet to do it and some are saying that’s a shame as they do offer a remote friendly, cohesive HTPC experience. The only downside being that you need to actually connect a computer to your television (or buy an Xbox 360).

Microsoft could end up with a winner on their hands if they do reveal a new Windows TV set-top box and if they can match their competitors in price and features.

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