MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Let the Sunshine In” Review

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Let the Sunshine In"

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Let the Sunshine In” Season 2 Episode 6 – Terry decides to celebrate his 50th birthday with a colonoscopy in Palm Springs, so naturally Owen and Joe agree to tag along in the “Let the Sunshine In” mid-season finale of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE.

“Getting older. It all gets real, you know?” In college a road trip usually means beer, a beach, and music. When you’re a man of a certain age, it apparently means a colonoscopy. That’s pretty darn real, all right. Also too real are Joe’s mental bets. His outbursts after losing are more than a little scary and the excuses increasingly desperate, and I’m thrilled he finally admits to the guys that it’s gambling. Nice fake-outs from the show with the casino in the hotel and next to Renaldo’s because I really thought Joe was going to do some physical gambling.

Owen’s simmering rage steadily increases throughout the episode and while the irritants range from Joe’s mental bets to Marcus and Lawrence’s pestering about business cards and chairs, the real cause is OT’s financial mess. “It felt good, too. Now maybe I don’t have to beat the shit out of my dad. I’ve spent twenty-five years waiting to be the boss. Now I’m the boss of shit.” Once again I bow down to Andre Braugher. His grinning “Oh, uh, thanks!” to Ray’s dad telling him, “I voted for your guy” is too funny while the build-up to the bar fight–to the soundtrack of Hair, no less–is a study in repressed and then released rage and his wistful anger at the end as he ponders his dying dream resonates.

“Deal with it, fellows, you’re looking at a man in love.” Giggling, manic texting, rambling voice mails? More like a teenager in love, which only makes sense. Terry has his first full-time job with benefits; he might as well have a giddy first love. I can’t believe he made the crack about “just having fun” to Erin, though. Not smart. Very few women want to hear that, and it was a license for her to get all squirrelly with Randy.

I like the poignancy of the colonoscopy scene. Watching these three very different men united by friendship and a common procedure but separated by curtains and their own thoughts is quite moving, and I’m grateful we didn’t have to see the results of the laxatives kicking in, though the rush to the elevator is amusing. “To infinity and beyond.”

Favorite lines:

“Do you think God really cares about your golf game?” DaShaun is a wise young man. Also, does God have loop holes?

We’ll be the “Three Muskerears.” Oh, Joe. There are puns and then there’s that. Hee.

“That’s the secret to life, man–looking behind the curtain.” The Tao according to Joe.

“You’re not the only one under pressure. You’re just the only one causing other people grief.” Joe’s self-involvement is definitely kicked up a notch this episode.

“Even after a colonoscopy you’re full of shit.” Last tushie pun, I promise.

“I don’t even know what happened.” Well, that says so much on so many levels, but love that he still just jumps in when he sees his friends in need.

Separately, these three complicated men have problems. Together they might be able to find solutions. It’s fitting they had their epiphanies together at the taco stand in a nice nod to last season’s finale, and you can see those problems get a smidge lighter–not less serious, but lighter–as they acknowledge them together.

No new episodes of Men of a Certain Age until summer. Hopefully when we come back Terry will have found the key to Erin’s heart, Joe will have found his way to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, and Owen will have found a good financial adviser. Somehow I doubt it will be that simple.

What did you think of the mid-season finale and the season so far? Any predictions for what comes next? Let me know in the comments.

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