MAD MEN Season 5 Announced

Mad Men Season 4 (AMC) Cast

Well it’s good news, but not necessarily great news, for MAD MEN fans.

According to EW’s Inside TV, the AMC series will definitely be coming back for another season. Though no one knows exactly when that will be.

AMC president Joel Stillerman made the announcement during the winter press tour:

“Mad Men is definitely coming back for season 5, but don’t ask me when, because we’re not sure yet.”

So, like I said, good news but not great news as I’m sure fans want to know when they’ll get to see the hit drama back on their TV screens. Reportedly the reason for the vagueness of the future of the show is due to the fact that the network is still negotiating with both series creator Matthew Weiner and Lionsgate.

It’s no surprise that the network is keen on continuing Mad Men, which has garnered critical acclaim as well as becoming one of their top-rated shows. For now, we’re just going to have to be patient and wait out the negotiations to see when it will return. At least we know that it will, which is somewhat comforting.

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