LIE TO ME “Funhouse” Review

LIE TO ME (FOX) Funhouse

LIE TO ME “Funhouse” Season 3 Episode 9 – Cal has done some crazy stuff in the past in order to help people, but this was literally the craziest thing he’s ever done. I mean the man purposely got himself thrown into a mental institution by eating a drugged muffin. If that’s not batty I don’t know what is.

But it turns out that by doing that, he also found a way to work through some of his own demons. Under the influence of said muffin, Cal does all kinds of fun things, like having a heart to heart with his mother. It may not really have been her; it was just his projection of her. But he still got the benefit of speaking to the woman who has caused him so much stress in his life. He gets to tell her about Emily as well as ask why she killed herself and hear her tell him to stop blaming himself.

He also got to punch his dad in the face, which I’m sure he enjoyed to no end, as it sounds like dear old dad wasn’t such a dear after all.

My favorite bits..

Cal telling Emily’s friend Amanda that he tried not to bite.. too hard.

Emily tossing the paper towels at her father’s head and he then tossing them to Amanda.

Cal saying that Emily was no fool, but he was even smarter.

The way Cal was noshing on that banana while talking to the doctor.

Cal calling the doc “Bozo”.

Foster handing Cal his glasses so he could set the mouse trap.

Cal giving Eli crap for this “tada!”.

Cal’s fake snoring when the doc was offering any assistance he could.

Foster telling the doctor that he could let Cal cover up the camera.. because he just had. LOL.

Cal’s “naughty, naughty.” when he saw that Wayne had loosened the window.

Cal telling Amanda about his mom and what scared him the most then was that he’d end up like her.

Finding out that Cal once mooned the Queen. Why does that not surprise me in the slightest?

The way Cal leaned in when Foster told him he could do anything he set his mind to. Anyone else think for a second he was going to kiss her? Sneaky monkey.

Shock at the site of Cal losing passing out on the floor and then seeing his mother. Uh oh.

Cal telling his mother that death had done her proud and then demanding more drugs.

Cal and his mum playing their old game with the binoculars.

Wondering how the doc could sit there and have the gall to claim that they don’t administer hallucinogens with Cal standing there going stark raving mad right in front of him.

Wayne showing Cal how he wasn’t always on drugs. Smart guy!

Thinking it odd that no one thought to tell Emily what was happening. At the very least she’s a minor who was home without any supervision, right?

Cal trying to talk to Emily with his arms full of drugs.

Cal using the magnifying glass to read the names on the containers.

Giggling at the ridiculous way Cal looked when the orderlies carried him out of the room.

Emily revealing that Cal was worried about being the same age as his mother was when she killed herself.

Cal punching his dad out as soon as he saw him and telling him that the one he should really be worried about turning into was him.

More shock over Torres walking in on Eli obviously under the influence of a drugged muffin.

The footage of Eli losing his mine after eating the muffin. Wow.

Emily knowing that her dad had deliberately eaten that muffin so he could get admitted.

Cal telling Emily that he had the footage of Eli going completely off his nut on disk. LOL.

The camera wandering around like a mouse and then getting caught in the trap. That was great.

What did you think of this episode of Lie To Me? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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