Intel Launching its own Movie and Video Service

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Looks like Intel has decided to jump on the movie service bandwagon. According to, the company is set to launch its very own movie and video service in the first quarter of 2011.

The product, called ‘Insider’, will allow those with Core 2011-powered laptops or desktops to purchase or rent the latest movies in full HD.

Some are wondering why Intel is bothering to jump in the pool when so many other companies are in it already. Well it turns out that the company is in a good place to combat issues that others had had with HD video distribution. Tied to the new 2nd generation Core processors, Intel will provide hardware protection of the content, rather than just software protection.

They have already struck deals with companies like CinemaNow and Warner Bros., according to Intel’s Erik Reid. Reportedly, the plan is for all content to be made available at the same time as the DVD or Blu-ray release.

But don’t be fooled, Intel is still pushing WiDi in a big way. They don’t want you to only watch those 1080p movies on your laptop screen, after all. The WiDi second generation will eventually enable streaming of protected content, including DVDs and Blu-rays. Dubbed ‘WiDi 2.0’, the tech will work lot like the original version and allow you to extend your desktop to an HD monitor. Though it will require a new HDTV receiver to enable the full HD capability and currently still has a two second lag.

No word yet on who is making those boxes or how much they’ll cost.

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