FAMILY GUY “New Kidney In Town” Review

FAMILY GUY New Kidney in Town (FOX)

FAMILY GUY “New Kidney In Town” Season 9 Episode 8- In this episode, Peter is introduced to Red Bull and Chris and Meg get to meet the president. Meanwhile, the Griffin family are terrified to be faced with Brian’s mortality. When Lois forbids Peter from taking any more Red Bull, he tries to make his own energy drink with kerosene which causes kidney failure. Of course, being Peter, he decides to skip dialysis treatment in favour of watching Charles In Charge.

Meanwhile, Meg tried to teach Chris about hope. Chris take Meg’s idea and uses it in an essay to meet Barack Obama.

The episode had plenty of funny moments, from sex with Megan Fox and Leonard Nimoy to fiery cows to the killer fortune wheel and Peter’s (or Seth MacFarlane’s) impressive shout out to seemingly the entire character list of Family Guy.

Then there were the usual great one-liners. And then, suddenly, it turned surprisingly solemn when Brian volunteers himself for kidney transplant. Doctors have it tough too though, and the doctor volunteers his own kidney at the last minute to save the Griffins, who are his last patients.

There were the usual array non politically correct lines which are a staple of every episode:

Stewie: “Let’s go find the big black sassy nurse. There’s always one.”
Sassy voice: “You can cry about it, or you can decide to live.”
Stewie: “Found her!”

Meg: “You can’t just learn creative writing, Chris. It’s got to be inside you, like musical talent, or athleticism, or the ability to choose to be gay.”
Chris: “Em…I don’ think they choose that.”
Meg: “Oh please, they choose that.”

And of course Obama’s cameo, as a rockstar in gold with gyrating hips, was typical Family Guy.

Overall, I thought it was a funny episode with surprising emotional depth. What did you think of this episode of Family Guy? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Family Guy Fan

    I have watched every single episode of Family Guy, and I found myself changing the channel when Stewie kidnapped Brian. I saw that and said OMG. I can’t believe they’re going to go serious with this and I changed. If I wanted a pretentious script, I would have watched Southpark.

    • Wsd

      The attempt at being emotional after half an episode of normal family guy humor feels forced and really creepy. You can’t have Peter drink his own Kerosine laced Redbull one minute and then have a poignant moment the next.

      • Nerfherder

        Yes you can. That is why Family Guy is genius. Best family guy yet. And the other hozer that turned the channel missed the best part of the whole episode when Stewie had his snotty fit all over brian. Change your name from Family Guy Fan to Crappy TV Surfer.

  • Love Family Guy

    Guys, something has happened to family guy this year. It is not the same. Even the animation changed to a 3D movie kind of thing in some shots. Where are the zippy cut-aways. I watched the whole thing and it is turning into a 30 minute drama with some small funny parts.

    I think that they have 3 shows going on and may have overreached. They need to go back to their original values and get not politically correct again.

  • Charles in charge

    Freaking saddest episodes ever and ive watched every episode