Entertainment Search Firm Jinni Raises $5 Million

Jinni Logo

The more televisions are connected to the internet, the more demand there is for smart content recommendation and the more money is required to develop such technology. Mashable reports that Jinni, an Israeli start-up, has completed a Series B round of investing to the tune of $5 million to further develop its semantic television guide.

Jinni provides a personalized TV and movie recommendation service integrated with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and electronic TV guides, helping users find content that fits their preferences and particular mood.

Jinni CEO and co-founder Yosi Glick said, “Completing the Series B funding round allows us to focus on what we do best: Developing an innovative product that is designed to fundamentally improve the entertainment experience,”

The creation of such semantic television guides is expected to be a growing area in 2011, and this funding should allow Jinni to remain more than competitive.