CASTLE “Poof! You’re Dead” Review

CASTLE (ABC) Poof! You're Dead

CASTLE “Poof! You’re Dead” Season 3 Episode 12 – Well folks, it finally happened – two of our favorite characters on the show are sleeping together and they’re trying to keep it from everyone else in the group, sneaking around and pretending that everything is completely normal when they are at crime scenes together. The only question now is how long the detective and coroner have been doing it and how long they’re going to continue to think that they’re actually fooling anyone.

What? You thought I meant Castle and Beckett?

Sorry about that, nope it’s not them. Not yet anyway. But things might be heading that direction. Castle and Gina are having trouble and he decides to break it off with her after realizing that his relationship with her is just normal, but he wants more than that. Like maybe someone a little more exciting? Hmm.. now I wonder who could fit that description?

My favorite bits..

Okay, wait.. what?? Esposito and Lanie??

Esposito taking a pic of Lanie on his phone and her laying back down with a happy sigh. Lucky girl.

The way Castle grabbed on to the glass when Beckett mentioned she knew a magic trick with ice cubes.

Lanie checking out Esposito’s butt when he walked by her. Subtle Lanie, real subtle.

Beckett asking Castle how he liked her navel ring when he claimed he could see her naked. Between that and the ice cube line, I’m amazed he didn’t pass right out then and there.

Castle’s shock that Beckett had her hand in his pocket without him knowing and asking her to do it again.

Beckett rolling her eyes and pulling Chuck out of the box after he “disappeared”. The best part was her saying “Alakazam, jackass.”

Martha defining PDA as “public display of anger”.

Finding it funny that Beckett recognized all the gadgets in the magician’s work room.

The dead guy’s twin showing up and Castle calling his glasses “the worst disguise since Clark Kent”.

Esposito and Lanie making out as soon as Castle and Beckett left. So naughty!

The look Castle gave Ryan when he pointed out that whoever was killed “went out with a bang”. Grrooooaaannnnn.

Castle making his phone disappear.

The look shared between Castle and Beckett when they figured out that Dahl was the killer.

Getting kinda creeped out by the way Dahl said he would “beat the pants off” Beckett and “enjoy every minute of it”.

Being fooled for about 10 seconds by the “ghost”.. until I remembered the twin brother. I loved that Beckett got to say “Alakazam, jackass.” again. LOL.

Finding out that everyone knew exactly what was going on between Esposito and Lanie. Awesome.

Beckett running off after accidentally hearing Castle break up with Gina.

Really wishing something called ‘The Comfort Food Truck’ would come drive by my place sometime. Castle’s description of the menu made my mouth water.

Beckett pulling the flowers out of her sleeve and giving them to Castle. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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