Adrian Pasdar to Guest Star on CASTLE

Adrian Pasdar in Heroes

Great news CASTLE fans, it looks like Beckett and company are going to be visited by its very own ‘Hero’…see what I did there?

According to, Adrian Pasdar, who played Nathan Petrellli (aka “Flying MAAANN!!”) will be making a guest appearance on the ABC series next month.

Pasdar is set to appear in multiple episodes as Eric Fallen, an FBI agent who is a part of Homeland Security. When an elusive terrorist threatens to “send a message” to New York City, Beckett and the other officers call in for backup from the department. Fallen will be called in to try and track down and neutralize the threat that will have the NYPD on full alert. The episodes will be part of an intense two-parter airing on February 21 and 28.

This role on Castle will mark Pasdar’s first major TV appearance since his work on Heroes.

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