Access Netflix on any Blu-ray player with Orb BR

Orb BR

Fresh from, comes the news that Orb’s new Orb BR Blu-ray Disc can turn any BD-Live-enabled Blu-ray player into a media-streaming machine.

Orb is no stranger to creating helpful applications for its OrbCaster software, the media-streaming system that allows users to send content like movies and music from their computers to other devices. First it could send to smartphones; then it expanded the game consoles, adding the ability to send media straight to an HDTV through the Orb TV set-top box.

Now the manufacturer has done it again, with a product called ‘Orb BR’, which lets users stream their media to any BD-Live-enabled Blu-ray player

The Orb BR is a Blu-ray disc that makes any compatible Blu-ray play able to access media and services streamed through Orb’s OrbCaster Software. Using the BD-Live functionally (a feature that lets Blu-ray discs access special features content online), the product accesses the computer running OrbCaster and run media shared on it. Orb BR will be alb to play content from online services like Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand, as well as access locally shared movie and music through a home network.

Reportedly there’s no confirmation yet for Hulu support, but the unit is expected to retail for $19.99 when it ships in late February.

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