THE CAPE Season 1: The Lowdown

THE CAPE "Pilot" and "Tarot"
Premiering this Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. is NBC’s new show, The Cape. Out of the ruins of a cop framed for murder and presume dead arises a superhero which is really no surprise as Vince was a hero before he went undercover.

I had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of THE CAPE, both of which will be shown on Sunday. The Cape has definitely added a twist to the routine everyday man becomes superhero avenger. Although there are numerous similarities to other superhero shows, most notably Batman (from the costume, to the trainer, to the car that the sidekick drives), I think they are merely superficial. The fun begins when Vince Faraday a/k/a The Cape starts his training with a circus ringleader. While it seems like happenstance since the circus folk, who also are secret bank robbers, are the ones that find Vince and provide him with the tools he needs to become The Cape, it is way more entertaining than the usual martial arts. Think of all of the possible ways that a magician’s tricks could aid a superhero, especially one that does not have any real powers of his own. Now you have The Cape.

The show does not take itself too seriously and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I did enjoy the chuckles that came from the show, especially when someone would question Vince’s superhero name – “You’re a superhero! What do they call you?” “The Cape.” “The Cape? Well, you will work on it.” However, I enjoyed the darker side even more. The villains were delicious and mysterious. Personally, I cannot get enough of James Frain (sorely missed in True Blood) and loved every moment he was on the screen. Of course, the problem with having intriguing villains is that you need a balance with equally interesting and riveting heroes. Aside from Vince, so far, we have an anonymous woman blogger “Orwell.” I am not sure the two of them are enough. The real scene stealers are the circus folk, though one could hardly call them heroes.

Overall I think this show has a lot of heart and it will be interesting to see what lengths Vince will go to save his name and be reunited with his family. By the second episode it is apparent that Vince does not want to just see his family again, he wants everything to go back to what it was before he was framed. An impossible goal indeed and with each decision Vince makes to attain that goal, the lines between right and wrong blur possibly throwing Vince into a moral conflict with himself. I will enjoy the ride with Vince, Orwell and Max Mancini. The Cape has potential. Hopefully, the writers will rise to the challenge.

The Cape stars David Lyons as Vince Faraday, Summer Glau as Orwell, James Frain as Patrick Fleming, and Keith David as Max Melini a/k/a scene stealer extraordinaire. Although premiering this Sunday, The Cape will thereafter move to its regular viewing date and time on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Tune in to the special two hour premiere tonight on NBC at 9:00 p.m. and come back here and tell me what you thought of this new show in the comment section below.

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