PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 3 Review

Lady Emily Merchant

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 3 – The series continues with freakish tree creeping lizards, visitors from another timeframe, and the ARC going into an unexpected lockdown. A decent enough episode, it suffered from weak dialogue, showed up a few practical changes the series could make – and a showcased a few moments of sheer stupidity from the ARC staff, Burton in particular.

The episode went thusly: people from another timeframe came through an anomaly and accidentally brought tree creeping lizards through with them. The lizards get dealt with, one woman stays with the ARC team and a man escapes out into the world. There’s also a lockdown at HQ because Burton is a moron, but everything is fixed by Connor’s romantic side. Not a rip roaring episode, but a fun watch nonetheless. Below are a few thoughts I had while watching:

Why the hell did Matt take off his transponder? No, they’re not supposed to go through anomalies, but everyone would probably have figured it out sooner or later. And he knew that Becker would be setting up the anomaly-locking device upon arrival, so that gave him very limited time to get in and out anyway. If his transponder had gone dark, Jess would have told the team, who, in turn, would have assumed that he went through the anomaly. It was, as pointed out by Becker, a bloody stupid move.

The ARC could really do with a doctor and a secure facility for aiding and holding any humans that come through the anomalies. It’s not like it never happens – and what if one of their guys never needs to be held in quarantine or something? Besides, a doctor (or two) on staff could acquaint themselves with creature bites, rare poisons and the like, which would be of more help than rushing them to a clueless Accident & Emergency ward.

Burton designed the new security system to only release the ARC from lockdown after a retinal scan by a senior member of staff. He can’t give a retinal scan from anywhere outside of – presumably – his office and the main control room. Did he assume that either he or Lester would always be in an office at any given time, because that is a pretty stupid setup. (It also makes me wonder if there’s a way for him to disarm the system from outside the ARC – what would happen if lockdown occurred when neither he nor Lester were in the building? Does Lester even have the necessary clearance, or has Burton rid him of that? If not, can’t they call Lester in to do a retinal scan?)

So what, Burton told Jess the rate at which the air would be sucked out of the room or something?* But he didn’t bother to tell Connor about any of this? And Connor didn’t ask what would happen in the event of the new security system being triggered? Okay then, I’ll buy that explanation just for the hell of it. I won’t blame it on the writing, even though it would be so easy to. Okay, maybe I will then.

(*)I’m quite impressed that Jess could use the hypothetical information to determine how long it would take for Burton to lose consciousness. Or was it a really rough estimate? Because either way, Burton is an award winning scientist, so he should really be doing his own math to see how long it would take the air to get sucked out of the room.

Mr Siddig, I love you, but I’m guessing the paychecks, not the scripts, convinced you to play this role.

I love that the Woman told Matt what he needed to know – and then demanded to go along with him on the search for the tree creeper. It’s called leverage, sweetheart. You lost yours. He still let her go along anyway. And then he ran along the street waving something that looked like a toy gun. Even toy guns don’t go down well with police btw, Matt. I once saw a guy get a verbal warning for pretending to fire a pink plastic gun outside a train station on his way to a television convention. And he didn’t even look suspicious like you and the Woman. Just throwing that out there.

But then the police – if there were any around – would probably be more interested in the big freakin’ lizard up on the rooftops. (Is anyone else noticing the distinct lack of extras? I can only assume it’s because they’re trying to hide the shooting location having been moved to Ireland. The accents would be a bit of a giveaway, no?)

Do the team really only go around with one EMD and no other weapons? No back up ‘real’ gun, no stun grenades, no knives, not even a peashooter? I only ask because Matt’s next option was an extension pole. A pole.

Okay, the flaws in this episode may have been redeemed by the overwhelming cuteness of Connor’s trapdoor password being ‘Abby Temple’. Those kids are too adorable. They don’t even have to be in the same building to be the cutest couple on television. (Full disclosure: I couldn’t see them as anything more than friends before this series started. Now I get why the shippers love them together!)

“I don’t think anyone else on earth could have broken through that firewall I set up.” A) Really? B) He didn’t break through it, he used his own trapdoor. You know, since it was actually his program you used to– Oh, forget it. Let’s just go back to ending on a high note and embracing the adorableness of Connor and Abby before the inevitable cliché of Matt and the Woman (Lady Emily Merchant) getting it on, shall we?

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