MEDIUM “Only Half Lucky” Review

MEDIUM "Only Half Lucky" Season 7 Episode 11 (CBS)

MEDIUM “Only Half Lucky” Season 7 Episode 11 – David Arquette guest stars as Allison’s brother Michael, a loser who, with the aid of a dead self help guru, has climbed out of the gutter and is now employed and happy-and he only had to sell his body to do so. In order to finish what he left unfinished on earth, the self help guru strikes a deal with Michael, promising him charm and success as a salesman in return for the use of his body in order to knock off the hopeful transplant patients who stand between a heart and his sick wife.

These are the final episodes of Medium. The show has enjoyed a long run and has produced some very fine episodes of television, but from Arquette’s lazy and jarringly put-on acting to the sentimental dialogue, this is one of the weakest episodes of Medium I’ve ever seen.

Worse than the unbelievable plot turns as Bridgette is called upon to use her psychic vision to uncover dirt about Devalos’ opponent only to, lo and behold, spot Devalos’ nasty campaign manager’s past corruption, worse still than the laughable plot involving a body switch, was the simple fact that this episode was not just bad, which is, on some levels forgivable: it was boring.

Medium is one of the few shows on television which takes narrative risks on a weekly basis. For seven years the show has always flirted with jumping the shark. It is why it is one of the best television shows of the past ten years. Of course sometimes the risks do not pay off and there are many episodes which don the water skis. I just wish it had not happened so close to the series end.

There were a few things about the episode I liked: Devalos’ campaign manager, for one. Devalos is often written as a white knight; luckily Miguel Sandoval plays him with a little more depth, but I’m a sucker for conspiracy and corruption stories and I thought the campaign manager brought along a spice of meanness which was perfect for a political campaign. Unfortunately, it looks like she’ll be out of the picture now that her corrupt past has come to light.

The case of the week was also intriguing to start with. Medium has always excelled at the creepy and grotesque, and watching a girl stripped to her underwear suffocating on a plastic bag while a sadistic pig snaps photos of her definitely had me squirming.

I also loved any scene with Joe DuBois and I’ll maintain long after the show is over that Joe and Allison are one of the best television couples ever. Joe’s “I’m home…keep the applause to a minimum” comment is one of those funny domestic gems which sprinkle every episode and makes the show come alive.

What did you think of this episode? Were you more impressed than I was, or do you agree that it was a risk which didn’t pan out, hindered by some clunky acting, scenes which should have been pared down and uneven dialogue? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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