THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Bus Pants Utilization” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Bus Pants Utilization"

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Bus Pants Utilization” Season 4 Episode 12 – This week was an smartphone friendly episode with both Leonard and Penny coming up with ideas for apps. When Leonard proposes creating a ‘handwriting recognition, differential equation solving’ app, the boys all think it’s a great idea.

Of course, it isn’t long before Sheldon starts trying to take over the project and finds himself fired. Penny convinces the guys to give him a second chance, but that lasts all of two minutes, so instead she gets Sheldon to work on her own idea – a shoe identifier and locator fashion app.

This was a fairly solid episode, but aside from Sheldon’s propensity to break into song (spirituals, at that), and his dorktastic theramin skills (the Star Trek theme!), there was nothing particularly noteworthy about it. It is potentially a good setup for a long running subplot, with Penny’s app becoming popular in fashion circles, while the boys’ app fares less well (or even vice versa), but as a standalone episode it was average compared to the rest of the season so far.

Howard Mom-watch: Howard was the picture of frustration while trying to teach Mama Wolowitz how to check her email – over the phone. Oh, Howard, that never works.

Quote/s of the episode:

Raj: “Woo, Leonard’s going all alpha-nerd on Sheldon’s ass!”

Sheldon: “He wouldn’t drive me to work today. I had to wear my bus pants.”
Penny: “Is that so?”
Sheldon: “Yes, and they’re still sticky. Probably gonna have to throw ’em away.”

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