BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Goodson Goes Deep” Review

$#*! MY DAD SAYS Goodson Goes Deep
Though it won a People’s Choice Award this past week as favorite new comedy, the return of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS with a new episode, “Goodson Goes Deep,” found the program still suffering from mixed timing and beats and frankly, not enough gut-bucket yuks (none really, this time out).

The main plot with Ed ordering a rare baseball only to find the sport memorabilia dealer (who also dispenses medical marijuana, go figure) selling it to someone else was the premise to have him go on the warpath as he destroys store property and then tracks down the buyer. For Henry, spending the day with dad, the bonding attempts fail until the end of the show. The usual hooker jokes are tossed in and only mildly amusing.

Meanwhile, the subplot, which was more so half-plot, now finds Vince and Bonnie also living at Ed’s and trying to have a baby. When he send them to the garage – dirty, cluttered, messy – it made for a few funny lines, but it was still second-rate comedy. The sentimental moments when Vince finds childhood toys in a box was kind of sweet and funny too with a dirty talking glove puppet.

William Shatner still carries this show; the other actors can’t do that. And this time out his Ed is such a bull in a china shop, down to barging into the lives of the family that innocently bought the baseball, it wasn’t very appealing, it was more so ugly. So “Goodson Goes Deep” was definitely a lesser episode of Bleep My Dad Says. Perhaps it’ll be funnier or at least more fun next week.

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