ABC to Again Partner with Canwest for Summer Drama

ABC logo

ABC is once again looking to Canada to fill its summer schedule. Deadline reports that the network is putting the finishing touches on a deal with Canwest, the same Canadian network ABC partnered with for last summer’s surprisingly solid police drama Rookie Blue, to make 13 episodes of the currently titled COMBAT HOSPITAL.

The series will be an hour-long medical drama set at a military hospital in Afghanistan and the title is expected to be changed, just as Rookie Blue was originally named Copper but changed when ABC signed on. Also like Rookie Blue, Combat Hospital will air in Canada on Global Television.

Combat Hospital was created by Douglas Steinberg (Psych) and Jinder Chalmers. Once the ABC deal is finalized, Daniel Petrie, Jr. (‘Beverly Hills Cop’) is expected to join the show as the executive producer and showrunner.

Is this something you would be interested in watching? Any ideas to replace the too generic title?