PRIVATE PRACTICE “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC) If You Don't Know Me By Now

PRIVATE PRACTICE “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” Season 4 Episode 11 – In this episode Pete and Amelia disagree on how to treat a patient with a brain injury and making things more complicated, the man has a wife and a girlfriend who also disagree on his treatment. Violet has written a book about her experiences being attacked by a crazed woman who stole her child and Pete wonders if she realizes what it will do to her life. Something I bet all authors of person books go through. Addison is trying to do everything she can to help her Bizzy’s lover, though I couldn’t tell if it was more about trying to save a life or please her mother.

Meanwhile, the show continues to keep the aftermath of Charlotte’s rape very real by showing what it’s like when a victim wants to return to a normal sex life. Watching her try with Coop but unable to control her tears broke my heart (dang, she’s done that a lot to me this season). Later Charlotte takes over and initiates it herself but it’s Coop who backs off. In the end, they don’t do it but they do the next best thing – they laugh about it and eat chicken together.

I am still very happy with how they are handling this whole storyline, in fact sometimes I feel like I could watch just Coop and Charlotte for the entire hour.

My favorite bits…

Violet referring to her book as “my 837 pages”.

Complete shock when Addison’s mother slapped her after receiving a bad diagnosis.

Coop walking in to Sheldon’s office and announcing that he wanted to have sex.

Coop then having a serious discussion with Sheldon about why he wanted to have sex. I was glad that it wasn’t about his needs, but about how he thought it would help Charlotte. So sweet.

Naomi and Sheldon ordering Violet away while they were trying to read her book.

Cracking up at Coop getting the “greatest fried chicken”.. in Glendale? LOL!

Charlotte and Coop “toasting” with their drumsticks.

Charlotte’s announcement that she wanted to have sex nearly causing Coop to choke to death on his chicken.

Okay I know she’s going through a lot but even with that, Bizzy is still being a total bitch.

Naomi telling Charlotte that nothing could come between her and Coop, except her.

The wife walking in on the girlfriend holding her husband’s hand. Uh oh..

Coop asking if he could be a roadie and nanny for Violet on her book tour.

The moment between Coop and Violet when he joked that he needed more than a kiss and she got serious and said she felt bad that it was so hard for him and touched his arm. So sweet.

Coop not being able go through with sex, too afraid he was going to hurt Charlotte. I don’t think either of them were expecting that.

The girlfriend dropping the bomb that she was pregnant and making a plea that the man would want to see his child born, and the two of them making the decision together to save his life.

Charlotte asking Violet how long after her rape until she wanted to screw again. LOL, leave it to Charlotte to put it like that. That sounds more like her though.

Bizzy still being unable to give her daughter the credit she deserves, even after performing a life-saving operation on her girlfriend.

Amelia telling Addison to stop whining and that she wanted to be her when she grows up.

Knowing that Coop and Charlotte were on the way to getting better when they started giggling in bed.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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