J.J. Abrams Developing PULP FICTION Type Series

J J Abrams

Wow, talk about a double header. According to TVLine.com, not only is J. J. Abrams looking at developing a new TV show, he’s also looking at making one that sounds an awful lot like one of my favorite all-time movies, like, ever – PULP FICTION.

The similarities start with the tile of the series, which will be called PULP, and they don’t stop there. The show will be an hour-long crime drama, set in a slightly heightened reality. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so too.

Abrams will reportedly be working with longtime collaborators Monica Breen and Alison Schapker, who wrote the script and will also serve as executive producers. The duo, in addition to being showrunners for Brothers & Sisters, also previously worked with Abrams on Alias, Lost and Fringe.

Word is that Bad Robot will begin shopping around Pulp to various networks as early as next week. Capping a busy season of development for Abrams’ Warner Bros.-based company, which currently has projects in contention at CBS (crime thriller from Jonah Nolan), Fox (the drama Alcatraz), and NBC (the Michael Emerson-Terry O’Quinn comedic drama Odd Jobs).

All I have to say about this is that I hope it get picked up soon. While it may not be coming from Quentin Tarantino himself, the premise sounds great to me, especially backed by a juggernaut like Abrams behind the wheel.

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