GREY’S ANATOMY “Disarm” Review


GREY’S ANATOMY “Disarm” Season 7 Episode 11 – This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy finds the staff at Seattle Grace once again dealing with the aftermath of a mass shooting, although not on their own turf. Those that thought they would falter stood strong, while others were unexpectedly disarmed.

The writers are definitely trying to milk the success of the shocking and engaging season finale involving the shooting at Seattle Grace. Unfortunately, the attempts are becoming tiring and seem far reaching. How is is that Seattle Grace receives every major mass trauma in all of Portland and, thereby, always runs out of room in the ER? Time to get a bigger ER, folks.

However, I will set all of that aside to scream “Yang is back!” That is all I kept saying from the moment I realized she would jump inside that ambulance to crack that boy’s chest. Did anyone really think the doors would open and she would not be in there? While giving credit to Derek and the fishing trip, I think it really was seeing a mass tragedy not involving her that drew Yang back to her field. It looks like she is really back this time, too. If she can stay and operate on the shooter, I think she can do almost anything.

Speaking of the shooter, was anyone else disappointed in Avery for walking out and refusing to help the shooter? I know that it would be difficult and I cannot even imagine being put in that position, however you are a doctor, as Teddy said. It was pleasantly unexpected to see Avery and his judgments disarmed by Karev of all people. Karev gave such wonderful insight with a mere few words about his brother. This episode the spotlight was definitely on Alex. Not only did he sway Avery with his words, but he saved a teenage girl’s leg. Does anyone else wish that Stark would be sent to Malawi in place of Arizona? He hardly seems to want to be a doctor, let alone a good one.

Despite the darker moments, like Bailey almost losing it when she thought another Charles was going to die, the episode also had some bright moments. How cute were Sloan and Little Grey together? It was beautiful how touched she was by him at the end and I was happy that she told him how she felt. If only Callie and Arizona could come together again. It definitely made me think about how Callie felt when she told Arizona that she had to come all the way across the world for her because that is where she left her without a second glance. Leave it to Callie to deliver such a powerful blow.

I loved how excited Karev was that they were able to save the girl’s leg and I laughed at Arizona’s yelling “Body block him, Karev!” Given how strange Stark is, I am surprised he didn’t threaten Alex with the saw he had in his hand.

Overall, I thought this was a good episode, though I do wish they would move past the shooting and back to the medical aspect of the show. Those plots seem to have been lacking lately. What do you think? Did you like this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Are you also wondering how many mass traumas one hospital can get? Share your thoughts about this episode with us in the comments below.

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