Adam Busch to Guest Star on GREY’S ANATOMY

Adam Busch

Listen up all you Browncoats, Scooby Gang members and……well, whatever us Angel and Dr. Horrible fans like to call ourselves. Chances are if you like any of the stuff I just mentioned then you might just want to hear this bit of news.

According to , another Buffy alum is heading to the halls of Seattle Grace. This time it’s none other than Adam Busch (aka Warren).

Busch, 32, joins two other form cast mates who have made guest appearances on Grey’s, including Seth Green (who played everyone’s favorite werewolf well before there was a Team Jacob) and Amber Benson (who played Tara, aka Willow’s lover). This is actually the fourth Buffy cast mate to make it onto a Shonda Rhimes show though, if you count Nicholas Brendan’s (who of course played Xander) amazing guest spot on Private Practice as Charlotte’s rapist.

Busch will play a first-year resident who shadows Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). The episode is slated to air on January 13.

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