Vizio Announces 21 3D HDTVs, Including 71 Inch Model

Vizio has announced it is adding 21 3D HDTVs to its product line, including one with a 71 inch screen. Yahoo News reports that all of these HDTVS use the Theater 3D passive 3D technology that Vizio introduced in December and that they will all work with polarized lens 3D glasses, which are less expensive than the active-shutter glasses required by most 3D televisions.

In addition to these televisions, Vizio also announced it has developed a tablet and a smartphone for its new Via Plus product line. No carrier has been announced, but both will be equipped with Android OS.

All of the new HDTVs can access online services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, and many will offer QWERTY Bluetooth remotes to both control the television and allow the user to enter text for Twitter and other communication services. Only three of the models use traditional CCFL backlighting. The others all have LED backlighting or edgelighting.

Models for the Via Plus line include the 47 inch XVT3D476SV and 56 inch XVT3D556SV HDTVS, both of which run Google TV and can directly communicate with Vizio’s new tablet and phone.

Vizio did not release any prices, saying only all the new models would be affordable, though that can be a very relative term. Availability of the models was also not announced, but they will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Are you ready to jump onto the 3D bandwagon? If you already have a 3D HDTV, how do you like it?