MODERN FAMILY “Slow Down Your Neighbors” Review

MODERN FAMILY Slow Down Your Neighbors

MODERN FAMILY “Slow Down Your Neighbors” Season 2 Episode 11 – James Marsden moves into Lily’s princess castle while Claire is on the warpath against a speed demon whose house Phil is trying to sell in the “Slow Down Your Neighbors” episode of MODERN FAMILY. Meanwhile Jay teaches Manny to ride a bike but has a little more trouble teaching Gloria.

I’m not usually the biggest fan of stunt casting, but James Marsden is terrific–very funny and obviously having a blast. This is such a silly and fun storyline and I love Cam and Mitchell’s battle to be right. Even better, though: Cam’s adorable giggle when he talks about Barry and Cam and Barry’s cage match in the castle. The one time calling 911 is the proper response and Mitchell freezes, then pauses to make sure Cam knows he was right all along. Hee.

I had written off the Jay teaching Manny and Gloria how to ride a bike subplot until Luke and his Super Soaker took over. While I love just how committed Jay is to being Manny’s dad–their relationship has blossomed and it makes my heart melt–the bike lesson scenes were fairly blah until the teacher of the year appeared, terrorizing Gloria into riding the bike. Nolan Gould is the performer of the week. From his casual “That’s weird” when Gloria tells him she’s afraid of being grabbed to his devilish smirk as he cracks open Haley’s book, he nails every line and expression. Claire then caps the lesson with her fabulous bike-jacking. Poor Gloria. Will she ever ride a bike again?

Once again, the Dunphys make me laugh the most. Julie Bowen may have her best reaction shot to date–and that’s saying something–when she realizes Phil’s new client is the neighborhood speed freak (Jamie Gertz is great here). Ty Burrell plays Phil’s growing tension beautifully, looking more and more frazzled as the episode wears on. Love that Phil says “Sweet Valley High” when he’s excited–just when I thought I couldn’t love him more. By the end of the episode, Claire could definitely love him more than she does, and a dozen mylar balloons probably won’t do the trick. I wish Alex were around more. I miss her this season.

Favorite lines:

“You were right.”/”There she is.” Hee. There are times in a marriage when “You were right” are the most beautiful words in the world and you just have to hear them–even when you’re wrong.

“You are living in a little girl’s toy, and you have to move out.” I’m still giggling over Cam and Barry sticking their heads out the window, and I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t kick James Marsden out of my princess castle. His coyote face kills me.

“Good day’s work. What do you say we hit the jewelry store?” Oh, Jay. No.

“It’s crazy sign lady who can’t put a sentence together. That’s your problem.” The sign is too funny, like all the “Slow Children” signs in neighborhoods around me. I love how insane Claire gets–it makes her so much fun to watch.

I’m so glad Modern Family is back. I missed my weekly dose of the Dunphys and Pritchetts, and while this may not be a top tier episode, it has plenty to make me laugh.

What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite moments?

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