HUMAN TARGET “A Problem Like Maria / Communication Breakdown” Review

HUMAN TARGET (FOX) Communication Breakdown

HUMAN TARGET “A Problem Like Maria/Communication Breakdown” Review – An extra-long episode means an extra-long review. So get comfortable people, this is gonna be a big’un.

First off, I gotta say that the first part of this two-parter was aptly named, seeing as how I found Maria a problem, too. For some reason, the moment she walked on screen I hated her just as much as Winston and Guerrero did. She didn’t really ever redeem herself in my eyes either, especially after lying to Chance and nearly getting him and the whole rest of the team killed. In the end, I was very glad to see her get on that chopper.

Having the episode end with Chance and Ilsa in a huge argument, talking about splitting up the partnership, only to have the plane shot down so that they are stuck out on their own, was great. Plus blinding Chance so he’d have to depend on Ilsa? Perfect.

Meanwhile, in part two, Winston and Guerrero are stuck dealing with a problem without Chance around. It’s not the first time the two of them have had to do it and most of the fun for me was watching them bicker through it all, just like they had apparently done many times before. I also loved that they each thought the other had saved their life when it was really Chance. Their reactions when they found out the truth were hilarious.

Finally, well what can I saw about that ending? Up until now I’ve been feeling sort of so-so about the idea of Isla and Chance together, but after meeting his old girlfriend Maria and hating her guts, then watching Chance and Ilsa have to work together out in the woods, PLUS that absolutely amazing ending… well let’s just say that I might be coming around a bit.

My favorite bits…

Guerrero clarifying that the person waiting for him in his car was actually in the trunk. LOL!

Winston naming off the two reasons they liked their jobs – they get to shoot guns and no bureaucracy.

The chick calling Maria a slut. Ha!

Winston and Guerrero questioning (in unison no less) Chance calling Maria a “friend”.

Ames’ crack about being able to go to a barn-raising in that dress.

Agreeing with Chance when he sarcastically thanked Maria for thinking so little of him that she didn’t think he would help if he knew Diego was her husband.

Guerrero telling Ames he needed her “just in case it gets really scary”. LOL!!

Julio checking out Ilsa’s ass as she walked away.

The absolutely freaking awesome way that Guerrero got the guns off the brothers. Too bad he didn’t keep them for long.

Winston saying that if it really was the end, he gets to use the rocket launcher.

Ames feeling the need to translate “Si” for Guerrero.

Guerrero saying that Chance wasn’t just very clever, more importantly he was very crazy. Personally I think crazy totally trumps clever.

Chance pulling out yet another “family member” code.

Winston’s discovery that the instructions for the rocket launcher were in Hebrew and setting it off accidentally from the plane. Classic.

The involuntary squeak I gave when Chance fell out of the helicopter.

Cracking up at Guerrero’s “good riddance” and “should’ve shot her when I had the chance” as he watched Maria fly away.

“Done as dinosaurs”? Really Chance?

Giving another squeak when I saw Hector aiming that missile at the plane.

Harry claiming that he was professional and alert while 12 men could be seen converging on the building in the cameras behind him.

Thinking it was pretty damn cold of Chance to tell Ilsa that her major survival instinct was to find a willing billionaire and marry him. Not nice, Chance. Not nice.

Chance saying “hey there fella” to the skeleton. LOL!

Winston and Guerrero arguing over who should have shut down the freight elevator.

Ilsa saving a blinded Chance’s life. Yeah!

Chance remarking that it wasn’t a trip to South America “unless you’d been partially blinded”. I think Chance needs to get a better travel agent.

Totally busting up at Chance’s “not bad for a blind guy” as I’d just been thinking the exact same thing. Can we say badass?

Gerrero telling Winston not only was he wrong, he was kinda acting like a douche.

Ames crossing herself before making a decision and flipping off the gas.

Chance apologizing for the “trophy wife” comment.

Knowing as soon as Guerrero said it, that Chance was so totally gonna come in and save the day.

Chance getting his explanation of what happened as soon as he saw Harry.

My complete freak-out when Hector showed up at Ilsa’s place. Holy cow! I so didn’t see that coming.

This line from Guerrero: “Also, you’re really bad at reading chicks, dude, seriously. I’m just sayin’ ”

Being completely blown away by the final sequence with Chance racing to Ilsa’s aid as she was in a fight for her life with Hector and then her having to do the one thing Chance had been trying to protect her from, when she killed him. Okay wow, seriously like… wow! Hands down the most powerful scene for me on this show so far.

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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