DETROIT 187 “Ice Man/Malibu” Review

DETROIT 187 "Ice Man/Malibu"

DETROIT 187 “Ice Man/Malibu” Episode 11 – This week’s episode of Detroit 187 centered around two people that at first glance seemed to be exact opposites of each other. One was a hollywood star in town filming a movie, something that has become increasingly popular in Detroit with the tax advantages the State of Michigan has offered Hollywood. The second person was a homeless man found encased in a block of ice in an old, vacant building. However, as the detectives soon found out, both deceased persons had “fallen” from what they once were.

It wasn’t hard to guess that an A-list Hollywood star’s downfall would be drugs. However, in typical Detroit 187 fashion, the writers threw in the twist that Kirsten had decided to go back into rehab, which is what ultimately led to her death. It was not all that surprising that her production assistant was involved as he was one of the first to talk about how people hated her, but the murder was not really hate driven. Also, that bracelet? It did not remotely look unisex to me. As I found myself chuckling when the director and producer were basically so nonchalant about their star’s death and more concerned with the studio and the fact that the movie was going to be shut down, I thought about how realistic that seemed. How sad is it that someone only cares about you for the money you bring them, or in the case of her “sober coach”, how much they pay you? No one really cared for Kirsten.

Contrast that with what happened to Ryan, a/k/a Frozen Man. It seemed he had everything going for him until his bipolar disease took over. Unfortunately for Ryan, it was the fact that he was cared for so much that led to his death. His sister was never going to give up on him. She was never going to stop caring for him or trying to help him and fix him. Her husband seemed so upset about Ryan’s death that I almost believe it was more than just the fact he was tired of his wife’s involvement. I think he truly cared for Ryan and recognized he was no longer the same guy. As he told his wife, she was mourning the person Ryan used to be. Of course, murdering someone is no solution. How desperate must he have felt to take the life of another?

I enjoyed how the two storylines gave us even greater insight into our detective teams. We learned about Stone’s brother who suffered a somewhat similar fate as the Frozen Man. We found out about Longford’s grandfather’s death. So much sadness in such a small group. Finally, we saw a little hope when Fitch’s son called him and made plans to come visit.

I also enjoyed the lighter moments in this episode including the Captain and Fitch’s frustration everytime the producer tried to make their lives into the plot of a movie. When he told the Captain that Kirsten could have played her in a movie and the Captain pointed out she was black, he quickly retorted “She had great range.” The director did have some good insight as he nabbed Fitch as not wanting to be known and as “fascinatingly odd.” Indeed.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Detroit 187? Was it the right mix of personal stories versus criminal storylines or are you looking for me about our cast of characters? How odd was it to see the film crew in Detroit on a TV show about Detroit? Who could have predicted that? Tell us what you thought about this episode and share your favorite parts in the comment section below.

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