COUGAR TOWN “No Reason to Cry” Review

COUGAR TOWN "No Reason to Cry"

COUGAR TOWN “No Reason to Cry” Season 2 Episode 11 – This week, the Cul De Sac Crew find themselves questioning their relationships while Kirsten’s attempts to make Bobby more human and less dog has disastrous results.

I think this episode resulted from Jules’ insecurity that Grayson had not yet responded to her declaration of love with one of his own. After all, Grayson went out of his way to avoid the lizard that Jules ended up killing later. He is not completely insensitive. His jokes about armbands after the demise of the dove just seemed in line with the others in the group, trying to cheer Jules up. How awesome was Andy’s line about “when doves cry?” While Jules is striving to make she and Grayson the perfect couple, she actually misses how compatible they truly are. If your boyfriend does not think twice to lie during a game of “who knows their signifcant others best,” he is the one for you for sure! Not to mention the pet cemetary he built. Serial killer indeed, Jules.

We do not usually see a vulnerable Ellie, but when Andy uses their inside joke on Laurie, Ellie reacts strongly. Kudos to Andy for finding another inside joke for them to share. Does anyone else find it amusing that everyone considers themselves in “Jules’ friend prison”, but no one does much about it?

The biggest change this episode was defintiely with Bobby. Although Travis warned Kirsten not to meddle, she just could not sit by and have Travis’ dad be a befuddled dog. However, thoughts proved too much for Bobby and cost him his golf game. Luckily he was able to find his Dr. Pepper white noise to get back on track. Bobby is one of my favorite characters. He is like a big lovable dog! I was not too sure about Travis’ girlfriend, Kirsten, as an additon to the cast, but she seems to be fitting right in even if she is not completely like them. As Travis told her, they have come to get her and she is one of them now.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Cougar Town? What was your favorite moment? I loved the new names that Laurie gave all of the drinks at the coffeehouse and her impossible to follow coffee order at the end. I wonder if I could do that at Starbucks and get away with it? Tell us what you thought about the episode and share your favorite moment in the comments below.

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