BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Skinny Jeans” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better with Skinny Jeans"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Skinny Jeans” Episode 11 – This week’s episode of Better With You finds Mia having to finally face the fact that she is pregnant and will eventually have to wear maternity clothes. Meanwhile, Joel finds out he is last on the Fantasy Husband League at the club and Maddie tries to convince Casey why the United States Post Office is the greatest thing ever.

I think my favorite part of this episode was the whole idea of the Fantasy Husband League. Not only did the wives give points for good things such as an increase in a man’s retirement package, but also took away for bad things such as a bad knee or having an animal pancreas. Talk about organized! The women even had a website. It was cute to see Joel trying to compete to get higher in the league since he was not even considered “dead last.” It is rather sad when a dead guy has more points than you. How sweet was it to have Vicky admit that she skewed the results because he is her fantasy husband? She may not have felt that way when she woke up later on the floor after Joel gently placed her there so he could sit on the couch.

The storyline about the mail seemed a bit out there. I love getting mail every day, so I can relate as well, but mailing your shoe? Attempting to mail a fishbowl with a live fish? I am pretty sure that is not even posssible. Heck, you can barely mail liquids these days. I did enjoy Casey’s naivete when he truly thought Maddie had actually mailed her father.

Even sweeter than the Joel and Vicky plot, was the exchange between Mia and Ben. After Ben ruins Mia’s jeans by accidentally wearing them, he offends her even more by suggesting she needs “pregnancy pants.” However, in a way that only Ben can pull off, he manages to tap into what is really going on with Mia which is her fear of change as things are moving so fast. The fact that he was also wearing maternity jeans at the end of the show was just icing on the cake.

I thought this episode was cute, although maybe not the best the show has done. What did you think about this week’s epsiode of Better With You? What was your favorite line? Mine was probably “I would say dead last, but there was a dead man above me.” Share your thoughts about this episode and your favorite moments in the comments below.

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