Vizio VIA Plus AirPlay-Type Features on Google TVs, Tablet & Phone

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After my report about all the gadgets that LG will be bringing to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week, I guess it’s no surprise that Vizio has some announcements of their own about what they’re bringing to the show. According to , Vizio is about to make the rest of the industry take notice with their next releases, all of which are set to be demonstrated at the show.

First up is VIA Plus, which is like Apple’s AirPlay, but available on the just-announced VIA Tablet (which has also just moved itself to the top of my wish-list) and VIA Phone. The product will allow users to start watching something on one device and then pick it up on another. Sound awesome? Yeah, I thought so too. Plus it looks like it’s not just limited to 8-inch or 4-inch phone. Rumors are flying that Vizio has been working on a Google TV model, just in time for CES.

From the press release:
VIZIO Announces VIA Plus, The Connected CE Ecosystem That Delivers A Unified User Experience From the Big Screen to Mobile Devices
– VIA Plus to provide seamless entertainment freedom for all across VIZIO’s line of HDTVs, Blu-ray Players, SmartPhones and Tablets
– VIA Plus combines the convenience of entertainment on demand with seamless experience from the big screen to handheld devices
– VIA Plus HDTVs and Blu-ray Players incorporate Google TV and feature premium Bluetooth QWERTY universal remote with touchpad, dual-band 802.11n built-in Wi-Fi and enhanced onscreen navigation including search and web browser
– VIZIO Smartphone and Tablet based on the AndroidT Platform to feature built-in IR blaster with universal remote control app, HD playback with HDMI output, and access to thousands of apps in Android MarketT

Matthew McRae, Chief Technology Officer at Vizio had this to say about the announcement:

“The promise of a unified consumer experience across multiple screens and devices has been unfulfilled until now. With VIA Plus, VIZIO is delivering the first true integrated ecosystem across multiple classes of devices and enabling a simple yet powerful interface for consumers to enjoy their applications, services, and content.”

He also had this to add:

“We know we have tremendous interest and support from our current distribution for new VIA devices, but always are mindful of what the end user wants. With the proliferation of platforms and apps now available to connected devices, navigating and learning different interfaces can be frustrating to end users. With that in mind, VIA Plus presents a simple, consistent, and elegant interface so users can quickly access the entertainment they seek on devices from a 4″ mobile phone to a 65″ Theater 3D HDTV.”

Richard Shim, mobile computing analyst with DisplaySearch, had this to say:

“In the upcoming era of connected digital devices, we believe the companies that stand the best chance of success are those that realize the consumer experience isn’t just about hardware. Rather, it’s the integration of hardware, software, and services toward a specific usage model that will ultimately offer a unique and potentially lasting consumer experience. One of the usage models that we believe can be addressed most readily is the consumption of high-quality digital entertainment.”

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