SILENT WITNESS “A Guilty Mind – Part 1” Review

Silent Witness

SILENT WITNESS “A Guilty Mind – Part 1” Series 14 Episode 1 – When three people die on the same hospital ward, a cursory glance brings up two possibilities: bad luck or murder, but which is it? Dr Nikki Alexander finds herself struggling with a case involving a murdered eight year old; while, elsewhere, the professor who saved her murderer’s life slowly becomes unhinged by guilt.

Silent Witness isn’t a show I watch regularly; I catch maybe 2 or 4 episodes per series. But it’s powerful stuff, and the opening of this series 14 premiere episode was true to form with a murdered child and the rapid deaths of three hospital patients. The latter were a true mystery, but for me the highlight of the episode was Roy Marsden’s (short) outing as the guilt-ridden Professor Silverlake.

The casting for this 2-parter is, so far, excellent. The supporting characters hold their own, all interesting and well-rounded, and Tom Ward and William Gaminara are great as always, playing against each other wonderfully.

There were a few small points I disliked about this episode, mainly the seemingly dimwitted police officer with a decidedly un-PC view of life, and Nikki’s staring into space. Things get a little heavy-handed when Nikki starts to wax poetic about the unfairness of children dying and God’s part in all of it, and the frequency of her lapsing into daydreams feels a little tedious toward the second half, but they’re minor glitches in an otherwise enjoyable episode. I look forward to both the second part and the rest of the series.

Episode 2 airs tonight on BBC One.

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