PARENTHOOD “Damage Control” Review


PARENTHOOD “Damage Control” Season 2 Episode 11 – Truth and consequences take center stage in the “Damage Control” episode of PARENTHOOD as Julia and Sarah must decide how much truth to tell and when to tell it and Crosby must learn about consequences so he can teach Jabbar. Meanwhile, Haddie faces some consequences of her own when her parents meet Alex.

Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabbar: It’s good to see a less than perfect Jabbar with a messy room and a bad attitude. It’s just so normal and watching Crosby take baby steps as Jasmine teaches him to discipline Jabbar is a joy, even if it means he has to hear Jabbar say “I hate you! You’re the meanest Daddy in the world!” Aww, Crosby, by staying strong, you’re now a full-fledged dad.

Joel, Julia, and Sydney: Poor sad Joel, missing his mom. I wasn’t expecting the dead bird story to go there (and coincidental timing with that one given all the dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana), but the last Julia and Joel scene is touchingly lovely. I’m not sure Julia ignoring Joel’s wishes (again) and telling Sydney about heaven was the right thing to do, but I understand it. It’s so hard to watch a young child worry and be that upset. Of course you want to make it better any way you can. She really should listen to Joel once in a while, though.

Sarah and Julia: I love you Sarah, but you have to stop barging into other people’s offices. They’re busy and it’s just plain rude. Sigh. That said, I’m thrilled to see interaction between these two “flavored coffee drinking losers.” Hee. I admit I don’t really care if Julia gets pregnant or not, but Sarah’s distress over Seth’s addictions and the possible effects on Amber and Drew make me well up, as does the sweet father-daughters moment. Oh, and Sarah’s resolution to stop dating? I’m still laughing.

Drew, Zeek, and Sarah: Drew gets an actual storyline tonight, not to mention all kinds of foreshadowing that his dad will be visiting soon. I love that the beer plot veered off into a direction I never expected: that Drew and Amber have no idea how troubled their dad was. Sarah really needs to tell them, both for them and for her. That’s a heavy burden to carry and they’re old enough to handle the truth.

Haddie, Alex, Adam, Kristina, and Max: While Kristina and Adam make good points about why Alex may not be the best guy for Haddie, I’m still a huge fan of this coupling–I can`t help it. I think Alex makes Haddie more interesting and their chemistry is fabulous. The dinner scene with Alex’s almost too good to be true honesty borders on overkill, but Max’s hilariously inappropriate questions help keep it somewhat in line. Was there any doubt Haddie would defy her parents and keep seeing Alex? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I think she tried to go and break it off, but that was never going to happen and I think Adam and Kristina made a mistake in trying to force a break-up. First because that always backfires and second because I don’t think they’re giving Haddie enough credit. Again, though, I understand why they did it. Wanting to protect your child is hardwired into people and Alex does have real issues.

Favorite Lines:

“Mortality makes you snippy.” Well, yeah.

“Now I think you’re cool and I really need you as a friend.” Okay, Sarah, you’re forgiven for barging into Julia’s office.

“You’re black.” and “Oh, you’re poor.”

“She’s gonna hate us.” Yes, yes she is. Poor Haddie.

“How much truth is too much?” This is an eternal question with no easy answers, and I’m glad Parenthood doesn’t really try to give any.

“I’m going to go home so my husband can make fun of me.” My favorite Julia line to date.

Parenthood starts off the new year well with a solid episode. Julia and Joel, while obviously in love, are not quite in sync with each other because she continues to ignore what he wants and he continues to let her, Adam and Kristina are in sync with each other but not Haddie, Crosby and Jasmine are getting there, and Sarah is left wanting someone to be in sync with. I missed Camille and wanted more Amber, but I love all the character development here and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Haddie and Alex.

What did you think of the episode? Were Adam and Kristina right to forbid Haddie not to see Alex or were they short-sighted? Please let me know in the comments.

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