NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Friends” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Friends

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Friends” Season 1 Episode 11 – The Powells meet the Cotten family in tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Friends”. After befriending them, the Cottens seem to be the bad boy version of the Powells. But other than the wife’s occasional art heist, they turn out to have real friend potential. Daphne runs for student-council president; and JJ scores points with Natalie.

Well, that was easy. I wondered how NO ORDINARY FAMILY would bring back Daphne’s memory and power. I thought it would take more than a nanosecond. But she only seems to remember that she has powers and how to use them. Has she truly caught up completely? What about Joshua’s nefarious ways to make her lose her memory?

I love that Katie is, ahem was, a virgin. It is unexpected and adds a new twist on things. Also it throws a monkey wrench into Dr. King’s plans. I thought Dr. King would guilt-trip Joshua out of quitting as his lackey, but he doesn’t succeed! I’m not crazy about the power-cum-drugs connection, so I hope writers don’t belabor this plot point. Still Joshua isn’t pure evil; he has a conscience. I didn’t see this development coming either, at least not this quickly. He likes Katie more than he wants his powers!! Unfortunately, this relationship may last as long as Katie’s virginity, since she has found Stephanie’s diary among Joshua’s belongings.

Isn’t Stephanie suspicious of “Will” any more, or his sudden name change to Joshua after admitting to stealing someone else’s online identity? Maybe now she’ll catch on after discovering her journal with all her notes about their powers is missing, er, was missing.

What will be the excuses or explanations this time? Will the life choices and changes made tonight still hold true next week?

I’m relieved that the return of No Ordinary Family brought a faster pace and more plot development. What did you think of episode 11 “No Ordinary Friends” of No Ordinary Family?