LG To Unveil Smart TV Upgrader and More at CES

LG Smart TV Upgrader

Las Vegas is going to be the place to be next week when it hosts the Consumer Electonics Show once again. Not only for regular folks checking out all the new gadgets but of course for the manufacturers of those said gadgets.

According to Yahoo.com, LG will be one of the many tech manufacturers at CES who will be showing off some of their new goodies. Recently, the company provided a sneak peak at some of those goodies, including 3D HDTVs, Blu-ray players, a Smart TV upgrader, and LG’s first sound bar speaker.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of all things television so I’m most excited about the Smart TV Upgrader (that is, if I were actually going to the show). The ST600 Upgrader will reportedly allow customers to turn their regular, run-of-the-mill TVs into “Smart TVs”, with access to LG Smart TV technology, including premium online content, Smart Share, and LG apps.

All that and the thing is only supposed to about 4.3 inches wide. Talk about big things coming in small packages.

Also while at the show, LG is set to introduce Cinema 3D. LG claims their product makes 3D content much more realistic, that it has wider viewing angles, and creates significantly better pictures in standard and 3D. Cinema 3D is also passive 3D, which means that glasses can be smaller and less expensive, without the need for active shutters or battery charging.

But that’s not all on the 3D front. In order to watch that that 3D content, LG has the new LZ9700, a 72-inch set that is apparently the world’s largest full LED-backlit LCD 3D TV and is powered by a TruMotion 400MHz processor. The TV is part of LG’s Smart TV program and includes a Home Dashboard with access to LG apps and LG’s Magic Motion remote. Also on the 3D front, LG will unveil a range of 3D AV devices, including the HX996TS 3D home theater system, the HB906SB 3D Blu-ray 3D home theater system, and the BD690, a 3D network Blu-ray player.

LG will also make significant upgrades to its TV technology and features. Using what it calls “Nano technology”, the manufacturer can divide a screen into a large number of small sections that can be individually controlled, allowing LG to have HDTVs that are incredibly thin but still retain excellent picture quality.

LG will also unveil a sound bar with Bluetooth audio and a wireless subwoofer. The LSB316 includes six speaker drivers housed in a speaker bar that can be placed below the TV or mounted on the wall. It has a wireless subwoofer that can be placed out of sight, can produce 2.1 channel virtual surround sound, and has a 280-watt output.

So um.. yeah, I basically have no idea what more than half of that stuff meant but somehow I also want all of it. Is that wrong?

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