CASTLE “Nikki Heat” Review

CASTLE (ABC) Nikki Heat

CASTLE “Nikki Heat” Season 3 Episode 11 – “Nikki Heat” comes to visit everyone at the precinct, but the problem is that Castle doesn’t approve of the actress the studio has chosen to play the role. To make matters worse (at least for his delicate ego), at first the woman is much more enamored with Beckett than him. Natalie follows Beckett’s every move and hasn’t even read his book, choosing instead to base her performance on the real woman herself.

I loved how, as the episode played out, slowly their roles were reversed as Beckett began to resent having a shadow who copied her mannerisms and finished her sentences for her. Then Castle rethought his original opinion of Natalie and things went where I figured they would, with those two ending up making out. I got the shock of all shocks though when he didn’t end up sleeping with her. It was just another sign to me that he’s still totally in love with Beckett, even if he’s still trying to hide it.

I mean come on, he has the perfect opportunity to basically sleep with Beckett (in a sorta, kinda, totally roundabout way) and he doesn’t do it?

Oh yeah, he’s so totally in love.

My favorite bits..

The names of all of Natalie Rhodes’ previous work. Hate to disagree with Castle but judging from those titles, I think I would totally like her.

Castle telling Ryan he was “flattered but.” when Ryan showed him the ring.

The looks on Castle and Beckett’s faces after he demonstrated how boring just asking “will you marry me?” could be. Hmm. didn’t look all that boring to me.

Ryan and Esposito both practically drooling all over themselves when Natalie showed up. I love that Ryan also forgot how to talk for a few moments.

Natalie not knowing who Castle was. Oooh ouch! I don’t know if his poor ego can handle that.

The look on Castle’s face when Beckett said that the precinct wasn’t used to having anyone famous around. LOL!!

Beckett’s “You’re kidding, right?” when Castle suggested that Natalie was a civilian and might get in the way. Ha!

Finding out that Natalie was on Ryan’s “Freebie Five List”.

Ouch! Another blow to Castle’s ego – Natalie never read his book?

Castle trying so hard to give Natalie a quote so she’d type it into her little keyboard. LOL.

Castle really, really wanting to follow the girls but still taking the time to help Ryan with his proposal. Aw.

Beckett admitting that Natalie was right about the heels, but it wasn’t because she needed it, she just liked it.

Beckett’s snide remark that Castle didn’t have to hide his fame because it didn’t really come up that much. LOL!

Castle visibly warming to Natalie once he found out she’d lived for a month in her crawlspace to prepare for a role.

Beckett not knowing how to stand or where to hold her arms, after spotting Natalie “doing” her.

Cracking up every time Alexis had to backpedal and say “if I’d seen it, which I haven’t”.

Ryan reassuring Castle that he had made copies of the naughty pics,

Busting up at this bit:
(Natalie walks into the room looking just like Beckett, right down to the hair color and Castle drops his pencil)
Castle: “Just like I dreamed it..”
(the girls stare)
Castle: “Did I say that out loud?”

Beckett saying that she would be flattered by Natalie’s attention, right up until she stole her boyfriend and killed her in her sleep. Yeah that would kill the relationship for me, too.

Beckett spotting Castle and “Nikki” making out in the elevator. Uh oh.

My spit-take rivaling Beckett’s when Natalie asked if Castle was gay.

Natalie asking Beckett to convince Castle to sleep with her. Okay yeah, my brain went into overload too, and I don’t blame her for walking away.

Castle saying that sleeping with the actress playing the part of the character he created was way too meta. LOL!

Natalie pulling out that tired line and it actually working.

Beckett and Castle trying to pretend they were doing things other than watching Ryan and Jenny.

OMG so sweet!! You can’t tell me I’m the only one who got all teary when Ryan asked Jenny to marry him. Awesome, just plain awesome.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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