BitTorrent Hits 100 Million Monthly Users

BitTorrent Logo

There may be a growing war between Hulu and Netflix, but BitTorrent is the real winner here–by a staggering margin. Minyanville reports that BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker claimed there are now over 100 million people using BitTorrent Mainline and µTorrent monthly. To compare, Hulu has 30 million users each month while Netflix has around 19 million subscribers.

In a statement, Klinker said, “This is an exciting day for our team. Our vision is to build a complete technology ecosystem comprised of software, content and devices, designed to connect modern content creators with a massive digital audience. This milestone highlights the size of our user base and the power of our software.”

Any given day, there are around 20 million people from over 200 countries who use BitTorrent. How many of those people use it to pirate movies or television shows is unknown, but I’m sure these numbers are less than thrilling for both Hulu and Netflix and only time will tell if Hulu and Netflix will truly be able to compete.