Apple Granted Patent for Glasses-less 3D Technology

Apple Logo

Apple Inc. has been awarded a patent for a 3D stereoscopic system. CBC News reports that Apple first applied for the patent for its display screen that allows viewers to see both 3D and holographic images without special glasses back in 2006, but it was only just granted.

Apparently the technology Apple is using consists of a projection screen filled with pixel-sized domes that allows people to see images on it as 3D because those domes deflect images at different angles for the left and right eyes.

This is not the first time technology has been developed that allows viewers to see 3D without glasses: Nintendo, for example, has already come out with its 3DS gaming system using a different technique. Apple’s news is exciting, though, because speculation is that the development of its technology will lead to 3D Macintosh computers, iPods, and iPads.