THE CLOSER “An Ugly Game” Review

The Closer An Ugly Game
THE CLOSER “An Ugly Game” Season 6 Episode 15The Closer wrapped up its sixth season with tonight’s finale, “An Ugly Game.” This episode found Gabriel second guessing Brenda, who had a rare moment of poor judgment. Brenda was also forced to confront some ugly truths from Fritz’s past.

Major Crimes started investigating the case of the missing Mercedes thanks to Commander Taylor’s desire for the squad to look busy in the eyes of Chief Delk. However, once they found the car and a body in the trunk, the case became a major crime. Brenda misjudged Trey as just being childish and immature, but not violent. However, Gabriel has a hunch and goes over Brenda’s head by calling Pope (who then calls in Fritz). Gabriel turned out to be right otherwise I think he would have been in trouble. Once Fritz helped Brenda get inside Trey’s head, she was able to get a confession by telling him he wasn’t accountable for his actions. She’ll really say anything to close a case, won’t she?

Overall, I enjoyed this intense episode thanks to some terrific acting, and because I was happy to see Brenda and Fritz talk about his past. Brenda has always seemed uncomfortable with the fact that Fritz is a recovering alcoholic, so I think it’s about time they confronted the issue.

While I think “An Ugly Game” was great as a regular episode, as a finale I think it was slightly underwhelming. Maybe I’m just comparing it to last week’s top-notch episode or I have high expectations since I know the series is wrapping up, but I didn’t think this case was as interesting as previous ones. I was also hoping we would see Chief Delk again before the end of the season and that we would find out what is happening with Pope. Pope, by the way, had my favorite quote of the night: “You know, it’s a little early for you to start acting like I don’t matter anymore. I mean, you may be right. But then again, you may be wrong.”

So what did you think of the season finale of The Closer? Did it meet your expectations? What would you like to see happen in the seventh and final season?

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  • Soooc

    Who played Trey? I thought he was great

    • david boyington

      the actor was Riley Smith.

  • Loved the episode. I didn’t find it underwhelming although I wouldn’t classify it as one of their best. Although the show is going to officially end, I would campaign for a spin-off series with the rest of the cast but with a new chief.

    How about Mary McDonell’s character? I think there is a lot of awesomness there.

  • What was the name of that song w/ the haunting melody towards the end of the episode? Anybody know? I would say it was EXACTLY at the very end. Any help?

    If you know email me at

  • See below for contact info.

  • LAsh

    Definitely enjoyed the episode, although as a finale, it didn’t seem like a lot. However, when you compare it to previous finales, I think it was about par. The Closer finale have never been about crazy cliff hangers and this finale was really going up against a lot in comparison to the Living Proof episodes. Plus(s): We learned a great deal more about Fritz and even though Brenda likes to pretend it didn’t happen, she was able to use what she learned to save someone. I think Gabriel was right doing what he did and I loved their moment at the end b/c you know it’s true, he is always behind her. Maybe I’m only just noticing it more since Old Money but I love the Flynn/Brenda relationship, just the little moments from last night. It seemed like even though he thought something was off with his guy and could have given her his two cents re addiction, he didn’t want to dog pile her and probably thought I would be better coming from Fritz. Minus: No conclusion to the Pope situation. I still don’t get why Brenda feels like she needs him and frankly I don’t really like it.

  • Cadarus

    Who played the mounted police officer who arrested Trey on skid row? He looks familiar, but didn’t see his name in the credits?

    • Anonymous

      I think that was Greg Vaughan from General Hospital.

  • Azinde

    This episode was a disappointing departure from what I have come to love about the Closer. The strong character of Brenda Lee was written in this episode as a cowering weakling giving in to Pope, Gabriel & Fritz. Missing was the quick wit and hilarious double entendre that have become a trademark of this series. It seems as if this episode had different writers, a different director and editor. The only thing that kept me watching was the actors doing their best with the worst dialogue directing and editing of the entire series since it’s inception. I hope the next episodes are not as bad.