PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Moments Later” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Moments Later” Season 1 Episode 11 – After what seemed like forever, the girls are back and, thankfully, it is all of them. Despite a broken leg, broken ankle and perhaps minus a spleen, Hanna is holding up rather well. Unfortunately, we are no closer to knowing who “A” is than we were midseason. The usual suspect, Toby, has been ruled out as he was in police custody. Noel, suspected by Hanna when she saw him writing on Ezra’s car window, is most likely only jealous that Aria is choosing Ezra over him. Back to the drawing board, kids.

This episode of Pretty Little Liars seemed to be about revelations and letting some secrets go. Emily finally admitted to her father that she is gay and is in a relationship with Maya. To his credit, Emily’s father took it quite well. It is too bad that Emily’s mother did not follow suit. Her mother just wants to “fix” it, as if Emily has ruined her whole life with her revelation. I always thought that Maya was so uptight and nervous about her parents due to her father’s military background, however it seems that the problem might actually be her mother. At least the girls are supportive of Emily.

Supportive is not quite what Aria gets when she confesses that she was in Ezra’s car when Noel wrote “I See You” on the back. Spencer looks downright offended. Emily looks shocked. Even now that Noel knows the truth, Aria and Ezra stupidly agree to keep seeing each other “secretly.” News flash – when more than one person knows about you, it is no longer a secret that you can keep. How many are we up to now?

Tonight’s epsiode was also big on the creepy. I know that Lucas is in love with Hanna, but seeing him creep into her hospital room at night to steal a kiss seemed a bit stalkerish. Although nothing could compare to A’s message to Hanna. Even with people in all day and night, wouldn’t you pay attention to what they wrote on your cast?

Finally, there is Ian. We found out previously that he was behind the camera on Allison’s final night. To what extent they had a relationship, we still do not know. However, given his past with Spencer, I am thinking it was more than flirtatious. So what is up with the impromptu wedding to Spencer’s sister Melissa? It seems Ian is up to something with the crooked smile he threw Aria and Spencer, but what?

What did you think of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Do you think, like the girls, that there is more than one “A?” Perhaps there are multiple people with different issues acting out toward the girls and using “A” as a smokescreen. Then again, how would they even know the existence of A? So many things to ponder. Tell me what you thought about tonight’s episode and what you think Ian is up to in the comments below.

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