SILENT WITNESS (BBC) “A Guilty Mind” Part 1 & 2 (Series 14)


Check out a first look of the upcoming series 14 premiere Two part episode of the BBC series SILENT WITNESS “A Guilty Mind” Part 1 & 2 which airs Monday January 3 and Tuesday January 4th at 9 pm on BBC One.

Episode Synopsis: SILENT WITNESS (BBC) “A Guilty Mind” Part 1 (Series 14 Episode 1) – When the pathologists investigate three suspicious deaths in one night on the same ward, it looks like hospital staff may be behind their murders. Nikki becomes increasingly disturbed by a rape and murder case involving a young child.

SILENT WITNESS (BBC) “A Guilty Mind” Part 2 (Series 14 Episode 2) – Nikki’s mental instability worsens, and Harry and Leo are forced to get her psychiatric help. But then when the true identity of the murderer is discovered, it becomes a race against time to save Nikki’s life.

Show Summary: SILENT WITNESS – DI Frank Skipper (Mark Lewis Jones) and DC Julia Catina (Kelly Harrison) are the police officers assigned to a case that doesn’t outwardly appear to be murder. They must rely on the expertise of the forensic pathologists for vital clues that will lead them to a shocking conclusion.

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