PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 2 Review

Primeval series 4

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 2 – A stronger episode than the premiere, episode 2 still struggles to make us care for this new team. And my opinion of Jess doesn’t get any better.

I’ll make this brief: there are too many storylines, not enough focus paid to each, and the new ARC is boring me. Jess is the peppy geek with an apartment that screams ‘trust fund kid’ and her presence as a non-field team member only serves to tie us to the new ARC more than is necessary.

While the storyline in episode 2 is fairly solid and Duncan, Connor’s dorky friend, is hilarious, there is less time paid to it than I would have liked. Instead we have Lester and Burton squabbling about the new rules and regs – Lester has a great poker face – and Jess flirting (badly) with Becker. Compared to previous series, it all feels juvenile and telegraphed.

There are two things that really interested me in this episode, despite the above:

Firstly, while Connor seems to be segueing back into the current time frame with as much ease as can be expected given the circumstances, Abby is quietly struggling. Her interactions with everyone and everything, even her beloved pet Rex (sidenote: where are Sid and Nancy?) felt joyless. An exploration of her thoughts and feelings as she tries to reintegrate to the hustle and bustle of 21st century life would be a great through-line for the series.

The second thing I liked was less subtle, at least here. I first started contemplating Becker’s sexuality in series 3 due to fan comments online and Danny’s quip in episode 3.10 about finding Becker a girlfriend. Does he like women? Was this a hint? The theme is continued in 4.02 with Jess awkwardly trying to get relationship status information out of Becker and attempting to confirm that he is straight. Becker dismisses the question. This could be a sign that he just doesn’t like to talk about his personal life at work – or is there something more to it? It’s a small point which would have little to no effect on the show itself, but I’m all for more LGBT inclusion in sci-fi.

I want to like this series and I’ll probably enjoy it for the comical dinosaur caper it is, but I hope that it finds its heart soon. We don’t need young peppy fashionistas to draw in younger viewers (the 18-30 crowd loves a well written older character), and we don’t need slick futuristic offices – that look like repurposed Andromeda sets – to remind us that this is science fiction, but we do need a better reason to watch this vague imitation of the show viewers knew and loved.

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