UNNATURAL HISTORY Creator Confirms Cancellation

Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) - Fountain of Youth

UNNATURAL HISTORY creator Mike Werb confirmed to Deadline this week that his mystery drama is done. Cartoon Network cancelled the live-action Unnatural History last month, and Werb was unable to cut a deal with any other network for a second season.

As part of a thank you note to fans posted in the comments at Deadline, Werb shared some of what fans could have expected from a second season. There would have been an adventurous two-part season opener with a Mongolian Death Worm and Genghis Khan’s tomb. Henry would have rescued a newborn camel, his parents, and his uncle Bryan and been lost in a sandstorm. The rest of season 2, taking place in Washington, DC, would have involved an interesting variety of subjects including the Nixon Watergate tapes, the Underground Railroad, and, awesomely, vampire finches. The Henry-Jasper-Maggie triangle would have been further explored and Jasper’s mom would have returned from France.

Werb also mentioned that fans who want to help ensure the release of Unnatural History on DVD can like the “DVD Release of Unnatural History, Season One” Facebook page.

Unnatural History fans, does hearing what Werb had in mind for season two make you miss the show more?