TOWER PREP “Snitch” Review

Tower Prep (Cartoon Network) Snitch
TOWER PREP “Snitch” Episode 12 – The escape is at hand, and Ian and his friends are making their last preparations to leave TOWER PREP behind them when things start happening on campus. Things that tighten security, things like a mysterious plane and parachute over the school. Ian and Gabe find out the identity of the jumper when their former roommate Conner returns with the secret of escape. Everything should be perfect.

You knew it, you saw it coming, and this one is a biggie. One of our loyal gang is a “Snitch”. That’s right. One of the good guys is giving information to… to… the headmaster!

The leaks spells doom for their plans. Conner is apprehended. Suki’s family discovers her part in it all. And, yeah, it gets worse. Remember Chemica Desin? After a foray into the tunnels Conner gives Ian and Gabe a vial of a new and improved version it. With the truth staring them in the face, the guys narrow down the headmaster’s spy to one of the girls.

Does that feel a little unfinished? It did to me too. Like episode ten, “Snitch” was more the first half of a two-hour movie than a stand alone episode. It wasn’t even really a “to be continued” ending. It felt abrupt and a little jarring, and the pause between twelve and thirteen was more a commercial break than an actual break between episodes.

Still, the writers packed a lot into their forty-some minutes of actual air time, managing to bring together threads introduced much earlier in the season and start tying them together in preparation for the finale. Once or twice, I felt like I should be taking notes, there was so much happening, and when I glanced up at the clock and noticed there were only five minutes left, I wondered just how they were going to finish on time. Of course they didn’t.

I will say, and this might not bother everyone, but there was a referral to torture in this episode I really found disturbing. They have referenced darker subjects off and on throughout the show, including chemical warfare, but for some reason this was a little more in your face than the others. I think it’s because in the past it was mostly off-screen and handled in that “it’s scarier if you don’t see it” kind of way. Conner’s obvious physical injuries and the state he’s in when we last see him was, well, disturbing.

Even with that element, “Snitch” was a good episode. Maybe not as good as some, but definitely towards the top of the heap. The writers had a lot of ground to cover and they did it well. They were heading towards the finale for Tower Prep (no, say it isn’t so) and they certainly gave use about a gazillion reasons to stay glued to our seats for the next show.