TOWER PREP “Fathers” Review

Tower Prep (Cartoon Network) Fathers
TOWER PREP “Fathers” Episode 13 – Here at the end of all things, at least at the end of the first season, things are grim for Ian and his friends at TOWER PREP. The gang was torn apart by the events in “Snitch” and each of them has been left alone to face their own hell. Ian is facing a group of Gnomes, Gabe is locked away, Suki’s family has her and CJ…

You know it’s coming, and CJ is the bombshell winner. Even though it was revealed in episode twelve, her little secret is the biggie. Evil headmaster and CJ, well, let’s just say the episode isn’t called “Fathers” for nothing.

Ian is still determined to escape, and every bit as determined to free his friends. He faces down the headmaster, takes on Suki’s father’s goons, sets out to free Gabe from high security and get all of them out of Tower Prep once and for all.

“Fathers” is quite a ride, even though it’s not as plot heavy as some episodes of Tower Prep. Since they spent the time setting everything up in the previous show, they could just focus on the action in “Fathers” without really worrying about extra time spent on plot. In a way that played against them once or twice. I felt like they had saved all their actions scenes for the finale. One fight after another, and I wondered how Ian was making it through all of them and coming back for more, especially after Conner’s fate in episode twelve. After starting with a fight against a veritable herd of Gnomes, Ian fights the headmaster, the goons and then the Rooks, and still manages to race through a pretty heart-stopping escape.

Oh, yes, the escape. I was holding my breath for that race down the tunnel. The writers really managed to keep up the tension on those last fifteen minutes and I was torn between the “they’ll make its” and the “they won’ts”. I was right there with them, caught up in those final moments, waiting to see what happened at the very end.

There were some obvious set-ups for season two. Most were exciting and the kind that made me go “when does season two start?” The writers have to keep their story going, and need to set up the show. But there was one that was really annoying. The Mysterious Guy in the tunnels, the one Ian will meet three times, with this time being the first. Really? Come on. Creepy, weird long-haired tunnel guy was a little too much.

And of course there was a huge problem with this episode, one so huge I am not going to recover from it any time soon. It was the finale. It’s over. No more Tuesdays with Ian, Suki, Gabe and CJ. I’m heartbroken. Tower Prep is certainly one of the most enjoyable shows on the air (or was) and richly deserves a second season. There is so much to like about this show, so much more to learn about the characters and their world, it would be a pity if they didn’t get their chance. “Fathers” was a fabulous end to a great season of a wonderful show. Tower Prep I’m going to miss you.